The Scar by thrax-1

The Scar

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Added: Apr 18, 2004
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this is for the friendly contest held in the forums


The mission which i choose to accept was to depict a character or creature from the world created by China Mieville!.

man what fun i had.A scanned sketch,this is a depiction of the giant sea beast which tuggs a giant pirate city behind it.(hopefully you can see a bit of the village under the boat!).I FYI have never read "the scar",but it really sounds choice,so i shall track a copy down!.In the contest there was a description of the various creatures in most of Chinas books.This little detail caught my attention
"Seabeasts the size of continents" and "Giant cities built up of many boats".I bet a million my interpretation is not correct*(since the creature only seems 1 1/2 mile wide Tongue) so to speak,but i had a crap load of fun so there Tongue.


"The Scar" copyright to china mieville 2002

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thrax-1's picture

Thanks mate, this particular piece was my first scanned sketch. I am quite fond of this one because i captured what i wanted from my sketch in the final version!. although i still lost a bit of the vision. But overall i was quite happy.

christar's picture

Wow man. You art is really visionary and unique. This has such a huge scale to it, it's humbling.
Great stuff.

thrax-1's picture

Awww cheers mate. I really appreciate the palette in this piece especially!(one of me favs i think!). so im glad you agree!.

varian's picture

Cool creature, great sense of motion through the piece, love the water effects. And your use of color is incredible!

thrax-1's picture

Wow thats the hell comment explosion there mate Smile. Well i just use photoshop seven and wacom!. Thats what i use for all my stuff. Its the only program i know how to use and am actually happy as is, i'm not the slightest bit interested in 3d at all. Nothing against it, i just try to limit my time infront of the screen Wink.

Guest's picture

What is your medium? I dont mind if you don't reply, as I am sure that you have been asked this many times before.

thrax-1's picture

Thank you Tatiana! nice to hear from you again.

fauna's picture

Amazing color palette!

thrax-1's picture

well i suppose a larger version would totally freak ya out then Tongue.I have one if ya want one ^^hehe.anyways It was inspired by a logerhead turtle, which i crossed with crab pincers, it's really a crab/turtle hybrid.I Tried to have pincers coming out of the water ahead of the creature, thats where thay are meant to be protruding,as if to grab the vessel(i might add from the wrong timeline Wink,The scar is more early 19 hundreds by all accounts).Thank you very much for the flattering comments jess.Have a good 1~~Marley

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I don't know the book and I don't really have anything informed to add to the previous comments, but that is one unsettling creature. It really creeps me out. I can't figure out its anatomy, and by far it is the most disturbing of your works to me.

thrax-1's picture

teehee, thanks caric, this is by far my favourite this year for many reasons,But mainly because i seem to be getting the aesthetic i am after.The Creature "Avanc" is close to my original sketch.So its really my first scanned sketch to finished art in a very long time, my pieces are usually 100% digital.Thanks Caric

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woot! I tried to comment yesterday but something was wrong and it wouldn't let me... anyway, I like this one almost as much as I like Neptune... the green glow is so RAD. That's probably what everyone else has said too but.. oh well.

thrax-1's picture

Wow thats a great compliment James,Your the first to mention the strain of the city on the creature,awesome observation,Thank you.I was really pleased with the creature too, one of my favourite pieces this is ^^.Thank you

somerset's picture

Stunning work, Marley! I'll have to check out these China Mieville books, if they can inspire fantastic imagery like this then they've got to be something else! The creature is awesome, the power and strain is so evident in the way you have rendered the gigantic beast (pulling islands about can't be easy!) and that turbulent sea! Marvellous!

thrax-1's picture

AAH coolnes jp, thanks very much for your visit,thats much appreciated definately Smile.Take care you hear? ^^~Marley

Guest's picture

Such great atmosphere to alot of your work this ones no diffrent. Very nicely executed Marley.


thrax-1's picture

00oo00oo00oo hehehehe,Thanks for your continual commenting mel,much appreciated,say hi to your friends ;)Hello mels friends.Take care!~~Marley

thrax-1's picture

Uwe im sorry i missed your comment,and i am always gratefull to have a fan or two.Thanks very much uwe my friend Smile

Guest's picture

NIFTY! I like it! I dunno why but it really seems like a water elemental plane ^_^ I like the coloring and the ship. Well done ^____^ Must show friends!

thrax-1's picture

Howdy sean ^^,The movement wasn't going so well in the early stages,then it was moving,then i had trouble in the dying stages of the piece before it finished.Now it moves nicely Tongue.hehehe.Thanks again ^^

thrax-1's picture

cheers patrick,speaking of giant beasts!, i quite like your Yog! XD ahahahahahaha,*clears tear from my eye*.Thanks again

pageaxe's picture

Very cool atmosphere Marley,really great sense of movement going on here,well done matey:)

megaflow's picture

Very majestic piece, Marley. Love the sea effects, especially!

j-art's picture

boah - this is fabulous i can´t tell you how much i love your work, those soft colortones and your sense for composition - congrats!!!!

thrax-1's picture

Howdy rachel,I only read what was in the thread and a caption about the scar on the net,But china certainly caught my interest thats for sure ^^.Thanks very much.

thrax-1's picture

too kind mary, Thank you very much :D~~Marley

raich's picture

Wow! This is great Marley! I have never read the books either, but your interpretation works for me. Great choice of colours as usual Smile

rhiamon's picture

Oh, it's just lovely! I really like the softness and touches of bright sea colours.

Art at its best.