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Added: Jun 04, 2004
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Just flicking through some old files and decided to carry on with "A step in which direction".

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masiani's picture

very good

thrax-1's picture

Excellent. thats a great compliment. Thank you Smile.

neilbruce's picture

Great sense of atmosphere like all your work, this one really makes you think excellent stuff!

thrax-1's picture

Thats an amazing observation Varian. well shucks....hahahahaha.. I was really happy with this, as it feels more open than my first entry. Cheers again!.

varian's picture

There is light and shadow, liquids and stones, whisps and solids - so many contrasts, yet everything working together as a whole. And I love the jewel tones...so much depth to the color yet in a subtle way. Amazing stuff.

thrax-1's picture

Thats cool, thanks very much kirsi!. Yea this has a special place in my heart, it was amazing painting, and playing with layers was real fun!. thanks again.

kizalon's picture

this is really beautiful, Marley Smile, the walls and feeling of the rooms seems like a mixture of ice and some living organic matter.. there's a lot exploring in this pic, i love it!

thrax-1's picture

No i poked myself in the eye, so i didn't see... BLAST!. Well thank you very much mate, I do hear it often but it never wears thin, I'm pleased you like my work, These latest comments are great for the soul.. cheers mate

Guest's picture

You know, you have a very unique style. Im sure you hear this all the time, but, well...I'm just casting my vote in that direction too, you see?

thrax-1's picture

Well eerr.. ummm yea i do actually, i for the first time feel like a right cheesebag stalker^^!. But i tell you that epilogue is an easy place to catch the latest art. With the way its set up how you can view submissions from each day, it makes it easy to catch the wonderfull artworks. I devote about an hour each night to surfing the net and a fair percentage is devoted to here^^. To end this long explanation i created, i'll just say cheer ;D, thanks for commenting, yep.~~Marley

camilkuo's picture

Wow, I actually wonder that how could you know when my undate is...Do you check epilogue for new pictures every day? Anyway, thank you so much for the comments! And I can see your ability for drawing sci-fi scenes is growing amazingly! You're really good in choosing colors and the shape of the structures! The whole moods of those pics are very good!!Smile

thrax-1's picture

Howdy Patrick ^^. Yea i was actually introduced to roger dean last year. A mate of mine had an LP in his collection with a RD on the cover, very impressive it was, so thanks for the comparison Patrick and for commenting, i woulda commented earlier but i ended up with a server error :?.hehe thanks again!/.

megaflow's picture

Hey, nice one. As always, I can tell a lot of thought and artistry are on display here. The worlds and the depth you imply are starting to remind me of Roger Dean -- not the style at all, just the feeling that you could walk into the scene and be

thrax-1's picture

Aaaah Sean.. hows your art coming along???. Thanks very much for the compliment. I most certainly am interested in illustrating book covers, certainly a goal of mine Laughing out loud. cheerio then~

thrax-1's picture

Hello!, well it was actually one layer of messy lime green scribble on its own layer in Photoshop. with a black canvas Underneath. It was smudged to get curved shapes in the image. Multiplied, flipped vertically, layer option changed to "difference" to get a yellow tinge. I repeated this process at least twenty times Laughing out loud. And thats at least how the textures became some what interesting. hehe, the rest was just higlight work with burn and dodge tool. If ya understood that....Sweeet ^^. Cheers Guest~~Marley

thrax-1's picture

Hello again Mel Smile. Yea i need lotsa light in my work, it was too dark for too long. Cheers for constantly visiting Mel ;D.


thrax-1's picture

Hehehe cheers tom, Im suprised people comment on this at all really, Since i have posted this already albeit Earlier in developement Smile.Thanks for visiting ^^.

thrax-1's picture

Why thank you sir Laughing out loud. Not a problem Uwe, Its a pleasure to have an audience really!!!. im most greatfull for your comments aswell Wink.
Thanks Uwe.

pageaxe's picture

I like this one quite a bit.Would actually make a great scifi bookcover.Crisp and clean-nice!

Guest's picture

I am fascinated by your texture techniques, especially the one that looks like polished stone. How do you do that?

Guest's picture

I like how this one is more open. Gives the feel of a cavern with too many tunnels O_o And there's also more shiny things which there can almost never be too much of ^_^ lol great work

portalrun's picture

This is very cool work Marley...I really like the the viewing from the dark into the light and your choice of colors, like Uwe said,another fantastic world...great job pal!

j-art's picture

marley, you are the king in creating fantastic, never seen worlds - thanks for taking me to all the journeys through your imaginative worlds, which makes me forget reality for a while - keep up your marvels my friend!!!!!!

Art at its best.