Ripples through Time by thrax-1

Ripples through Time

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 06, 2004
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i'll just leave the story to the viewer ^^.

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thrax-1's picture

Shock, that nearly did bring a tear to me eye, that did. I for the past month i had been threatning to delete my gallery, as i hit a brick wall. That is such an awesome compliment j.p, i really appreciate it!. Great to see you here again aswell, missed your art..Marley

vengince's picture

Marley your works are ethereal, and magical beyond expression, I would love someday to travel through your spaces and listen to quiet waves on the sea.

You are a magical artist, do not ever stop.

thrax-1's picture

Yep sure do Laughing out loud.. hehe, thanks very much Kirsi! %^^

kizalon's picture

oh, it's so fragile and beautiful. Wonderful shades and light feeling in it.
You sure know how to create strange worlds Smile

thrax-1's picture

hah, thanks neil. I do comment on at least a few pieces a day. I've commented on quite a few thousand pieces now. Also am quite active in the forums here, so at least i am making myself visual, which is why i get a bit of comments from people in return. My gallery on is another story ^^. Thanks very much for popping over to visit. I really appreciate that, and of course no need to apoligise for a late reply ..really!!!.~~Marley

neilbruce's picture

You have so many comments it's impossible to say something that hasn't already been said by someone else. I guess that's testament to how good your work actually is. GREAT WORK! Marley and sorry for taking so long to reply to your last comment. All the best.

thrax-1's picture

woah. Danny Malboeuf. I'm honoured ^^, thank you very much for commenting. Yea light is something i must have a lot of. I find it more enjoyable than painting darkly Tongue hehe. Thanks very much!.

kolaboy's picture

This is exquisite. Wonderful use of light and colour.

thrax-1's picture

Hehthank you very much. I kinda am disapointed about how flushed the scheme looks. That was something i am trying to rememdy ^^. Thanks again M.

medge's picture

Nice work! I like the color scheme.

thrax-1's picture

Howdy holger. Thanks very much for the comment. Although this piece bugs me more than most of my pieces. the colours are too washed for me, which has been a prob for a while now Sad. But thanks again ^^.

mangalore's picture

Very nice design and a subtle variation of hues. Really outstanding work, Marley!

thrax-1's picture

Heya tom thanks for dropping by and commenting, thats really appreciated..yea people been telling me i'm getting better with this piece, always nice to know!. Cheers Laughing out loud.

portalrun's picture

Hey Marley, this is just a pleasure to view..looks like pro work just keep getting better...

thrax-1's picture

Awww dang message cutting bug these days, joiizze!. Heheh and thanks for the compliment Patrick much apprecaited.

megaflow's picture

Hey, Marley! You have the spirit of Science Fiction to the core.. A very cool and enigmatic piece. Love t

thrax-1's picture

Thank you very much guest Laughing out loud. Yea the shapeshifter series was real fun to produce, completely outa the blue i must say. Thanks for taking the time to comment guest~~Marley

Guest's picture

the "shapeshifter" series is your best work. composition is balanced and elegant and subject matter obscure enough to be interesting. good luck.

thrax-1's picture

chicken big actually Tongue. hahaha thanks for the unique descriptive compliment jim ^^. I love doing clouds myself, so i'm glad you like em. Cheers jim~~Marley

brushfyre's picture

has chicken little decided to go stealth fighter and bring the sky down? lol great pic!! love the clouds!!!

thrax-1's picture

Howdy chris ^^. thanks very much. Other dimensions are something i am quite passionate about!. Because It allows me to escape, and at least try and give something unique to share for everyone, Rather than something already represented by many people. (Also because i have crappy illustrator ethics too hehe Smile

christar's picture

I don't even know how to describe this, it's like another dimension, Cool.

thrax-1's picture

Yee GADS man!, heck mate, thats one hellova comment. Thank you very much J.P, nice of you to say so!.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks Simon, thats something i'm always concious of, wether i feel i have improved because sometimes i feel i'm not going anywhere, so i really appreciate feedback like this :>). Thanks again simon

Guest's picture

Well, quite a style you've got going here. Just been looking through your gallery. You create some wonderful worlds and you're improving week on week. Keep it up, dude!

vengince's picture

Damn Marley this is Epic, your environments inspire me to work harder at my own, now I have to Smile.

thrax-1's picture

Well ironically that was an insightefull comment mate, thank you very much jeff Laughing out loud. Perhaps at the heart of it all, i am just communicating emotion jeff, perhaps thats why your picking up on feeling, but who knows. Thank you very much for the very unique comment Tongue.

thejeff's picture

i just love the fact that i can never seem to find anything insightful to say about your work, marley, yet often feel compelled to try;) i welcome the opportunity your stuff gives me to step outside of my literalist universe. i love how i feel while i look at this, how is that?

thrax-1's picture

Ahhh howdy micheal, your gallery is quite fine also, i think i share your taste in ethereal landscapes. Thanks very much for your visit mate, always appreciated :D~~Marley

hythshade's picture

Marley, This is just stunning. The colors, the composition, everything about this has just floored me. You are a marvelous talent. Seeing your art is a real treat. Thanks for sharing.

Art at its best.