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Added: Sep 16, 2004
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Crikey, i can't believe its been a year since i painted "Elemental Shapeshifter". Where's all that time gone eeh?

http://www.deviantart.com/view/10703400/ .

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abigailryder's picture

WoW. Stunningly beautiful and ethereal. You commented earlier that you were having trouble with contrast and I'm sure that's something we all struggle with; but on the other hand I think you could lose that ethereal quality if you had too much contrast in your work. A sticky situation, but I quite like your style as it stands. And art is all about breaking rules and I'd just say that higher-contrast light/shadow doesn't need to be your style since you have such a wonderful eye for color. This one really is fantastic, I can't stop looking at it. Smile

thrax-1's picture

Arrrgh, don't be jealous, nothing to be jealous of really!. But thank you very much for both of the comments kirsi, thats always appreciated Smile. I had no idea i had new comments..

kizalon's picture

Man I'm jealous how you use those faded colours in the back. Wonderful palette in this one, very tranquillent. That thing in the middle looks like a giant bat Wink

thrax-1's picture

and thats an awesome vision too, thank you very much lisa, I really appreciate your interpretation, not even i thought of that yet it's quite right Wink.

lisahunt's picture

I love the soft, organic feel of this piece! A wonderous view into a deeper plane of consciousness, at least that is how I see it. Nice work Marley!!!

thrax-1's picture

Thank ye christine ^^. I still struggle with contrast i think. I feel i am too washed for my own good, Something that has only creeped into my art this year. Its getting worse in that respect Sad. Thanks again christine!.~~Marley

griffingirl's picture

Wow...such an elegant palette. I love your color sense.

thrax-1's picture

=D howdy holger, yea it really is a reflection on how i feel. I'm glad you made a connection to the creature too!. I have actually spent an extra twelve hours on the piece, tidying up texture, detail and hopefully contrasted for the better ^^. Thank you v

mangalore's picture

Splendid work, Marley! I love the subtle and quiet tones you gave the picture. It has a feel of serenity on it that seems to quite well mirror the feeling of the central figure/face/sculpture/strange thingie with a light bulb on its forehead. Wink

Great work! Your dreamscapes get more breathtaking with every piece!

thrax-1's picture

hehe, well, point taken. There was a bit more of that lovely world initially but as the piece progressed it withered away to what it is now Smile. Thanks very much saad!. Always appreciated

contemplator's picture

Great work Marley! My only wish is that you'd "zoom out" a little to give us a larger sense of scale for the city scape on the left... Right now it's only a glimpse of what seems to be a breathtaking vista; makes me want to "turn the camera" and look over there Smile

thrax-1's picture

Thank you!. Will do Andrea :)~~


andreak's picture

I love this, the color is very beautiful and feels peaceful Laughing out loud Keep it up!

thrax-1's picture

aww heck m8 T,T, wow thanks very much for that compliment, that just brightens my day to hear that ;D. sheesh, thanks very much for the support over the past year patrick!, really really apreciated. Have a good day then ^___^.

megaflow's picture

I always enjoy your concepts, fluid shapes and increasingly masterful colors. Always a pleasure to see your work!

thrax-1's picture

heh, well i have been asked a few times before, but nothing transpired (my fault, just too darn lazy). Yea that sounds very interesting though.....you start :"p. hehehehe, thanks rochelle!.

Guest's picture

Marley this is fantastic!!! Hey! I would love to do a collab with you some time if you wanted to. Like we could bounce a pic back and forth and just build it and build it into something awesome!! ~ I feel.

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud howdy michel. Im pleased you mention the colours, that is something i feel i battle all the time. Thanks very much michel much appreciated~~Marley

michelkoch's picture

the Blend between abstract shapes and figurative landscape is just great Marley !
Your shapes are awesome, they emit a feeling of grace and purity, and the soft colors just strengthen this feeling of dreamy atmosphere !
(and I could say that for almost all your pieces)

thrax-1's picture

^^ itsa chris. Thanks mate, y'know, these muted tone things i always try to avoid. I have only been having this with my new computer Tongue (what the hells going on ehh?) hehe. Thanks very muchly Chris~~Marley

yrindale's picture

Man the muted tones give this a real breath of life! I'm really digging the flowing shapes as well, as stated earlier - they do indeed nearly animate it.

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud heya tom, wow it animates in your mind, how cool is that!. Thanks very much pal ^^.

thrax-1's picture

HAHA yea good ol krull. I actually brought that along with blade runner on dvd, before i owned my first player!. Thats how much movies move me lol!! Tongue. Thanks very much for the compliment too!. It's ironic you say zen, since that was going to be the original title (well one of many), but i declined that title as it sounded too cliche, so i choose Aeon Laughing out loud. Thankies Karyn!

portalrun's picture

Hey Marley this is fantastic work, it looks alive , like it can move, you did an outstanding job with this, congrats pal...

yadykaryn's picture

I agree with previous posters. Fabulous. Your best. There's something so soothing and harmonious about the texture/colors in this. It just feels complete, very zen -- and by the way, the world needs more Krull. I DIG that movie.

thrax-1's picture

hehe thats is a very interesting observation guest. Well not really the intent, two sci-fi movies from the eighties really drove my aeshetic. "Krull", if you observe the inner architecture for the "Black Fortress" and "Battle Beyond the Stars" with the rather similar architecture for the planet "Akea/sp?". That was my inspiration i am guessing. Well thanks very much for commenting guest much appreciated!.

Guest's picture

Do I see a recurring Organic theme in your work? some structures seem to resemble heart vlaves a little. Cool. Smile

thrax-1's picture

eerr oops, i rabbited on too much there, i forgot to say thanks very much for the consistant commenting on my art, much appreciated ^^.

thrax-1's picture

hehehe, well perhaps it's just the fact that there are two worlds in this piece which allows you to give them their own light sourcing. OOOr that i consider myself to be a "light" Artist, I used to be a "Dark" one, I found it to be a little difficult to maintain though, as i progressed as a being myself, I let go of alot of things, (which one may have noticed seeping into my art at the same time as you progress through my gallery from the beginning)!. I much preffer light to dark for sure!

thrax-1's picture

Well Y know, i feel like the winner at the moment, This was the most pleasureable piece to paint, It just all flowed nicely, Very little hinderance at all!. To top it off, I wake up with 10 comments waiting for me, Now that is all good i think ^^. Yeehaa, Thanks very much for commenting james~~Marley

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