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The Insightful

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Added: Feb 21, 2005
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An entry for Expose 3.

The insightful: An "all knowing" alien being.... A vast living landscape, it's regenerative properties perpetuated by a central core of energy, situated high above an arching gateway.

Edit* larger version here
you know the drill

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thrax-1's picture

^^. cool, thanks very much Franz. It's funny!, I often admire brutal colour schemes, because i cannot make them work. Howbout that for a twist Wink. Thanks again.

franz's picture

I like this good old Space Opera style and you know, I`m a man of brutal colors and therefore always admire subtle and moody color schemes. Well done!

thrax-1's picture

thanks my friend!.

j-art's picture

oh man, your immagination is wonderful!!! think needless to say that it is excellent executet as always!!

thrax-1's picture

Hey jess, bloody comment inhibitor strikes again!. Well thanks for coming by regardless, Always enjoyed your company ^^.

Guest's picture
thrax-1's picture

Wink. Thanks very much jessica. I really appreciate it^^, especially commenting on the mood since thats my favourite aspect!.


mtmama's picture

Marley, this is my favorite piece in your collection now! The mood is superb. I love how you capture feeling with your colors and ambience. And of course, I love the aurora-like lighting done in the clouds!! Excellent work.

thrax-1's picture

cheer, thanks michael. That cheered me up nicely. I'll try to keep em coming, I find i am not as interested in painting as i once was, which i find sad. Thanks Michael~~Marley

hythshade's picture

This is superb work my friend. You have such an imagination and an immense talent. I just can't find the words for this piece. It's just beautiful. Keep em comin. Wink

thrax-1's picture

I'm Psychic!

thrax-1's picture

Hey mate, long time no see, how are things for you then?. Thanks very much for dropping by and commenting, i love em Smile.

mythmaker's picture

Huh?.. What?.. Myth who?... Never heard of him...

...oh... alright... I guess I've been rumbled... jeez... didn't take long did it?!! Tongue Hmm... I'm wondering how you figured it out?!

trevor's picture

Marley,thats beautiful work.

thrax-1's picture

THAT would be an honour if that happened, thanks very much chris. Yep i can show a step by step, i have all stages saved so i'll look a posting sometime soon Smile.

thrax-1's picture

Well blow me down and call me charlie, It's mythmaker. Thanks very much there friend, distinctive..but not without it's flaws. I still cannot get rich palettes,well not like the ones on my pieces from over a year back Sad which is a shame. Lovely piece in your gallery too. I shall comment on it later ^^. Cheers mate.

thrax-1's picture

Cheer, thank you very much james, This was my deepest sense of distance yet XD, haha, glad you noticed, thank you.

christar's picture

This is brilliant work Marley. Someone's going to turn your visions into a movie one day, maybe Dreamworks, or ILM. I'd like to see a step-by-step on one of these images. Love the aurora borealis and all of the facets in the architecture. You definitely have a fascinating and unique style.

mythmaker's picture

Another great work from the Mcleay!

You know, you do have a very distinctive style - and I think that is something of great value. Smile

somerset's picture

Marley, my pal! ha fantastic work, stunning imagery and the sense of vastness is eye-popping, such a haunting and beatifully coloured ambience!

thrax-1's picture

howdy Inge..Thanks very much, glad you like it Smile.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks mathew. I appreciate it muchly!.

thrax-1's picture

Hey rachel thank you very much, the sky i was very pleased with. I was going to have dramatic clouding, but thought i should do it in a hopefully non too cliche aspect. It was a monkey to paint, every aspect was done at least 6 to 10 times *sighz*. I remember being very relieved for it to be all over...heheh. thanks rachel, always appreciated.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks rita, Simon spoilts it tell ya ^^hahaha. and thanks for the compliment on the colour. Most of the time was spent trying like heck to get everything 'composed' rightly, without over cooking the bacon XD. cheers~~Marley

thrax-1's picture

Thanks Sean Smile. Going fine my friend, this year is shaping to be quite eventfull i think and i'm not just talking artistically Smile. Thanks for dropping by, been great to see some familiar personalities again.~~Marley

Guest's picture

Very impressive Marley! Lovely work.

mattbradbury's picture

Fantastic work Marley!!

raich's picture

Fantastic work Marley! I love the effects in the sky, and the lights coming from the right. The colours are just beautiful Smile

rita's picture

Marley, yeah saw this - like it very much. Your color-changing is so subtil and wonderful!

pageaxe's picture

Very nice image Marley!How ya been my man...

Art at its best.