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Added: May 03, 2005
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Dedicated to a little Praying Mantis that landed on my shoulder whilst i was struggling to come up with a tittle for the piece..

After a search on the internet, i found the "Thysanoptera" genus from west africa (i thinks) to have the most interesting name..hence "Thysan-bay"..

ooops..Large version here

thanks for the comments so far Laughing out loud

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Guest's picture

Man i like it! These colors ! wOw

but in another way... there is no soul in it, i can´t look at it so long

thrax-1's picture

Heya mayavan, sorry for my late reply, unfortunately, logging in has become a bit of an issue again ;(. Never the less, i am glad you are enjoying my work. Ten minutes is a long time for a piece of art to last on you, i know from experience, so i thank you very much for the awesome compliment Laughing out loud. Thanks again my friend.....Marley

mya's picture

It's great to see your work again, Marley - this is another wonderful piece. The colour palette and composition are both excellent, and there's a very soothing, peaceful feel throughout. (i've been happily staring at it for about ten minutes now..!)

thrax-1's picture

aaah! thanks very much Uwe, greatly appreciated ^^.

j-art's picture

Amazing!!! Marley you have such a feeling for colorcomposition - it's a pleasure to view your work, theres such a peaceful feeling going on with your soft tones, i love that to no end! Most excellent suff my friend!!!!

thrax-1's picture

;D, thank you camille. Yea abstraction i find easy, because there is no real rule of form and can be easily constructed using curves. Thanks again Camille Laughing out loud

camilkuo's picture

I feel there're some kind of abstraction going on with the design! Very beautiful purple!

thrax-1's picture

Hi Bill Laughing out loud, Thank you. Gary's work smacks my gob. He achieves the aesthetic i always wanted to reproduce. It's a shame he doesn't post very often, heh!, so thank you so much for that compliment!...Editors Picks are an elusive little number for me (I wish to hell they weren't) So i just let that goal go a wee while back now..Owell, not to mind though, I still get some of the best comments round i think, thats enough for me to keep going anyway!..Thank you very much for dropping by mate ^^.

bcorbett67's picture

Great to see your new works Marley, makes me think of Gary Tonge, but the styles unique to you :)Still can't believe you haven't had a Editor's pick yet!!!

thrax-1's picture

yea, halo is pretty darn good. Thanks very much tom, well yea i guess i do traverse strange places in my mind. It doesn't even stop when i am dreaming ;D. Thanks mate!.

portalrun's picture

Fantastic world you have created here Marley!! Makes me want to get out the HALO disc..Awesome color work here ..You must go to some pretty cool places in that head of yours pal..great work...

thrax-1's picture

Hi christy!, thank you very much. I think games like Mortal Kombat really drove my taste for ambiences (likewise in ambient music) not to mention various Sci-Fi movies aswell!.

Thanks very very much for visiting and commenting. I appreciate that.

babs111's picture

As others have commented, you really do create such beautiful and intriguing atomosperes in your images, worlds you would want to visit. Smile I also love the detail and organic look of the structures.

thrax-1's picture

HAH!, you should check "Aeon II" out upsidedown, That piece works a treat for sure. Thanks so much for the compliment jess, I never tire of comments even if the ring the same as previous ones given by others (not saying thats the case here btw). Good to see the comment demon has aleviated for the time being Laughing out loud. Thanks very much jess~~Marley

Guest's picture

Marley, i'm running out of comments that aren't redundant. Beautiful palette, atmosphere, and organic forms, and your compositions get more dramatic all the time. But the thing I like best about this one is it looks equally good UPSIDE DOWN! Wink Wait. . . maybe all your pieces do. . . going back now.

thrax-1's picture

Oww awesome, Such an amazing compliment. Thanks very much Matthew, you've made my day ;D.

mattbradbury's picture

WOW!! That is so good, the colour and finish is just fantastic. My imagination just goes in to overdrive when i look at it!!!

thrax-1's picture

ahh, thanks very much simon, for noticing the improvements. And really glad that you picked up the clouds, i was quite proud of those. Thanks for dropping by mate Laughing out loud.~~Marley

Guest's picture

Glad to see you maintaining your distictive style, and improving all the time also. The sense of grandeur on this one is impressive, with the clouds actually inside the structure on the horizon. Good work with the limited palette too.

thrax-1's picture

Hi rita, thank you. Yes the colour palette was something i selected from the beginning. Usually i play with hue and saturation mid way through, but this one not. I stuck to the original plan with this and subsiquently shaved about 27 hrs off, since "The Insightful". Thanks again rita!!.

thrax-1's picture

Hey there Trevor, well thanks very much, I'm really glad you appreciate my forms. I like to carve them out whilst painting, though my original sketch, was quite the organic one also. Thanks very much trevor, really appreciated~~Marley

thrax-1's picture

Aww thanks james. Yea i am quite partial to a nice atmosphere hehehe. Thanks for the wonderfull comment Laughing out loud.~~Marley

mythmaker's picture

Laughing out loud That is super cool! Wish I could see a bigger version!

somerset's picture

Your alien landscapes just get better and better, Marley! apart from the obviously brilliant artwork, it's the atmosphere of your images that make them so awesome!

trevor's picture

That's fantastic! a wonderfull collection of forms,I love your work.

rita's picture

This looks fascinating Marley. And the colors are WONDERFUL

Art at its best.