Twilight by thrax-1


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 25, 2005
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My entry for epilogues "secret places" contest.

"Just imagine yourself walking down the pathway, exploring the ancient architecture, the surrounding forests. And as you stare out over the great river, you gaze upon a colony of drifters, a nomadic civilization, no bigger than a football field, moored and settling in for the night."

Well certainly the least troublesome piece for me so far :nod:. I tried all sorts of narratives for this, involving people, miniature steam boats floating down stream. But alas, anything added only subtracted from what i have here. Thus leaving the landscape to sing for itself Tongue. heh..It's not perfect, but i am happy.

Crits welcomed

About 14 hours work. Photoshop 7

Thanks every one


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thrax-1's picture

o,O Kajsa, wow, what an honour to have you visit me. That is one warm comment, and i thank you very much for the compliment, Thanks Kajsa, have a great New Years too!.

flingling's picture

This is harmony and beauty, and an amazing skill is behind it all! I love the vibrant colours.

thrax-1's picture

Thank you very much guest, nice to have a fresh perspective from someone new. Thank you very much....Marley

Guest's picture

Gorgeous use of cools. It's cold, lonely and mysterious, but the air is fresh and a sense of peace fills me.

thrax-1's picture

Hi, daniel, thanks very much Laughing out loud. I love your interpretation of the forest fire remnants, that is one great compliment. Thanks so much for that Laughing out loud.~Marley

smitstop's picture

wonderful subtle colors, and soft glow as with most of your images. the trees remind me of the remnants of a terrible forest fire. They seem like ghost trees. I like how every element seems to be melted or intertwinded with the next.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks mate Laughing out loud, hehe.

hythshade's picture

Well if I ever decide to build an alien compund in my back yard you'll be the one I call on to do the design Smile Excellent piece my friend. Thanks for sharing.

thrax-1's picture

Of course i feel slightly stupid for not mentioning my appreciation for the comment about learning from my haha. What a week it's been..thanks again jon

thrax-1's picture

Well you gave me a 3 in one highest compliment deal there Jon, I haven't seen your gallery for a looong time also (might've been last year). But to see a visual development and have it mentioned by someone else, is very re-assuring Laughing out loud. THANK YOU so much mate, i appreciate that very much.....Marley

thrax-1's picture

That is not a problem Pierre, Thank you very much for commenting Laughing out loud

jon-hodgson's picture

Wow Marley, I think the last time I visited your gallery was in response to you leaving a comment in mine. That was some time back, so what a pleasant surprise to drop by today and see just how far you've come. Great stuff. I guess the highest compliment a fellow artist can offer is that I learned stuff looking at your work, and got some inspiration. Keep on trucking, this is good work.

I can see this piece in particular making an attractive wraparound cover for a scifi novel.

carles's picture

I guess there is not much I can add that has not already been said. Wonderful atmosphere, and as for your other pieces, a brilliant use of color. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pieces with us, Marley.

thrax-1's picture

Howdy Uwe my friend, thanks very much for commenting, it's been ages since my last competition entry. I think it was the "Season of Renewal", It was quite fun to paint this aaah. Thanks very much again Uwe.....Marley

thrax-1's picture

hhmmm, i feel disjointed commenting. My browser seems to die after about 5 minutes on here sometimes...anyways, very good point about that lighting too. When i critique my art, i save the piece at 1000px wide and bring it up on my desktop, it wasn't really an issue at that size, well not enough for me at any rate, though shrinking it has made that light stand out like a sore thumb Sad. hmmm. Well thanks very much for taking the time to crit and compliment patrick, much appreciated.

thrax-1's picture

Hello christy, thanks very much for dropping by and commenting, i feel special XD. hehehe

thrax-1's picture

MMM yea, great crits they were too simon. especially with a more interactive environment suggestions, *the seed of thought is planted*. Thanks very much on both accounts simon, thats great Smile.

thrax-1's picture

Interesting perspective, thank you very much tom..Marley

thrax-1's picture

Why thank you again Mr Bill Laughing out loud. Cheers for the support.

thrax-1's picture

Thanks very much rita Laughing out loud Much appreciated

Guest's picture

Aha, about time too! This portrays a wonderful feeling of calm. I can almost imagine it's a real place, and that imagining is (IMO) what art is all about. Crits? Just a couple of minor ones. First, the light on the left is a little too bright and draws the eye. Second, although the city is meant to be small it could do with a visible connection to the rest of the image, perhaps some rocks in the river, or a fallen tree, or a couple of people exploring - one on the bank and one nearer the city - just something to connect up all aspect of the image and really emphasise the scale. Still, nice job.

babs111's picture

Wonderful landscape, this really is such a beautiful scene, Marley!

megaflow's picture

This is quite nice! I love your alien architecture as always - you should get a job doing concept art for film. Always so creative!

My only minor crit would be that the yellow sun and the yellow/green glow on the water to the right split our attention and compete for "center of interest" rights. Each is nice on its own, but split apart as they are perhaps diminish the overall focus.

j-art's picture

just spectacular! and again your fabulous use of soft color, a really wonderful work - good luck for the contest my friend...

portalrun's picture

Cool work Marley,greet imagination as always..I like how you incorporated the tree-like form becoming part of the structure..nice...and good luck whith the contest...

bcorbett67's picture

Very nice work (as I said before) good luck mate! Smile

rita's picture

Marley - it is wonderful! The colors are again so beautifully! And a cool idea, too!

Art at its best.