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Added: Aug 22, 2005
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From the same universe as "The Insightful". The Revere'd is a similar conciousness, Though i shall keep the story to myself for the moment..

12 hours , Photoshop with Wacom ArtZ II.

Thanks everyone..

Larger version here:


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thrax-1's picture

cool, thanks very much, john, im glad you like my art/ Yea, big fascination with the moon, its so mysterious ^^.

Thanks again....Marley

pumpkins's picture

How could I not stop in for a look. Wow! your work is ultra dreamy. I am really loving your colors too! I see what you meant about the moon being nostalgic to you. I read that on another work of yours. Love your style and technique.
Cheers KP

thrax-1's picture

hehe, well, its just a rough guestimate really, give or take a good couple of hours.

Many thanks here jeff Laughing out loud..Marley

thejeff's picture

very very nice marley. you can do a lot more in twelve hours than i can, fellah.

thrax-1's picture

Well, thats just dandy, patrick. Thank you so much for noticing the improvements. Always nice to know i am not getting worser, but betterer ^^*. hahahaha, thanks patrick.

megaflow's picture

Better and better, Marley. And the colors here are even more betterer than usual. Wink The little suggestions of windows/lights along the bottom are just superb.

thrax-1's picture

It's Jess ^^. Wouldn't be a gallery without your comments. Thanks very much for the wonderfull words, Well i revere your comments. hahaha, so bad :>.

thrax-1's picture

hehe, thank you rita. I am quite proud to have brought the time down to 12 hours personally ^^. Thank you

Guest's picture

This works on so many levels. Once again you have wonderfully meshed linear forms with organic curvy ones - and the color is so luminous and vibrant! I want to know what is going on in there - but whatever it is, it's clearly grand. I revere your talent. Smile

rita's picture

12 hours? I am so envy Wink GREAT work Marley

thrax-1's picture

Thanks, swirly textures are my easiest way to fill the screen for me Wink. Thanks lindsey

thrax-1's picture

Haha, no worries Laughing out loud.

thrax-1's picture

Thank you, Tom. Thanks for noticing the improvements in my art. Greatly appreciated.

thrax-1's picture

Thank Nuria, i was quite happy with the ship myself. Thank you for commenting!.

thrax-1's picture

Why thank you very much Myth ^^(not mythmaker from Doctor Who is it?). Yea it is my best technically. I was able to complete this in a comparitively short time. Thanks mate..

thrax-1's picture

Ye, i thought i'd give an angle like this a shot. Thanks matthew ^^

thrax-1's picture

Hhhmm, i shall check that artist out. Thanks very much simon!.

thrax-1's picture

Heh, thanks sean. Glad you like the colours ^^.

pageaxe's picture

Wow! Look at that color! Nice work Marley!!!

lindseycarr's picture

Lovely colours on this one. The smooth swirly textures are very pleasing as well!

portalrun's picture

ooops..I hacked your name..sorry pal Smile

portalrun's picture

Alright !! Another far away place from Maleys mind...Fantastic work pal, your really getting this of your best I think...

nbertran's picture

I love the colours and the design of the space ship, fantastic!

mythmaker's picture

Nice one Marley - Very dramatic! Possibly your best yet! Smile

mattbradbury's picture

I like the P,O,V looks cool!

Guest's picture

Nice work, good depth to it. The organic ship puts me in mind of some of Jim Burns' spacecraft.

Art at its best.