Southern-Citadel by thrax-1


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Added: Sep 27, 2005
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Hello people Laughing out loud.

Well, can't say i have formulated a story for this piece just yet, but i will explain that the moon is quite important for me. It's just a nostolgic trip down memory lane for me. The moon appeared in my dreams many a time as a youngan, but i will always remember the feeling of me wanting to reach it (either by flying to it freely or by trying to reach out with my hands). So i'd say this is one of my favourite pieces, up there with "Neptune".

12-14 hours, photoshop7.

Thanks everyone


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thrax-1's picture

Yea, thank you so much. the moon is very important for me and i can even trace this down to a specific advert on tv that did it for me, even the year it was displayed, it was the most astonishing feeling of reach, of floating or flying to be free. I must have been astral planing that night and i wish i could experience it again..truly Smile...Again thanks so much for dropping by my neck of the woods.

dunkelgold's picture

I love that you have painted the moon so small.. so out of reach but still there.. really nice Smile

thrax-1's picture

Awesome, J.P. Really am glad to see you round these woods again. Often wondered how your doing and stuff?. Yea, the moon is just a gem in the sky it is. very mistical. It is an orb floating round the earth, it exists, it's there. Easily taken for granted. Thank you J.P

vengince's picture

Your latest color palettes are quite stunning Marley. I too have followed the moon, reached for it, its starnge how we strive that which we cannot touch. Art is our escpae at times and truly a powerful gift. Excellent work Marley.

thrax-1's picture

hehehe, Thank you, jennifer, i certainly like a good sky Laughing out loud. Thank you for dropping by, that is awesome...cheers..Marley

nambroth's picture

A favorite of mine. Spectacular colors! I always appreciate your skies.

thrax-1's picture

Thank you, it sure was a breakthrough piece for me, my last with the ol Wacom ARTZ2 Wink. served me well that did. Thank you so much jeff, have a great 2006..Marley

thejeff's picture

fine composition, and i see you are flirting with adding a touch of extra contrast to your evocative universe. done just right here.

thrax-1's picture

Howdy stephen Laughing out loud. Thanks for taking the time to visit and drop a comment. Yea i find with curves, that they are easy to fill a page up with , and have some form of consistancy through out the piece aswell. Thanks very much again~~Marley

Guest's picture

hi marley,
beautiful artwork, beautiful gallery.
i just love the flowing fluid, organic nature of your work.
great stuff.

thrax-1's picture

Thats a wonderfull compliment jess Wink. Thanks very much~~Marley

Guest's picture

When this one loaded it knocked me off my feet. The foreground detail is remarkable - it's translucent in an organic way, amazing texture and lines. And the clouds are remarkable. You always have amazing glowing palettes, but this is really, really fine!

thrax-1's picture

Well, that could explain many things tom Tongue. Thanks mate Laughing out loud

portalrun's picture

Awesome work Marley!! Lots of sci-fi magic going on here, great work whith the soft colors and blending..These places you keep seeing in your art seem very convincing Marley...I think you were abducted by aliens or something Smile

thrax-1's picture

Wow, thank you malcolm, coming from you thats a right compliment there. Thank you very much~~marley

thrax-1's picture

That is awesome to hear that from you, because i do remember you talking about this in the forums. So i do appreciate this comment in particular ^^. Thanks very much myth*~~Marley

thrax-1's picture

Howdy steven, hows it going Laughing out loud. Cheers mate. Yea, as the piece progressed, it started to loose shape, so in order to bring it back, i circled it, much like the bridge of the enterprise D, in star trek the next generation..It works Laughing out loud. (curves work well to bring the image together)

thrax-1's picture

Thanks you kirsi, yea, all this time of doing laid back colour palettes have really made me want to do vibrant ones. Thanks very much again kirsi ^^.


fantasist's picture

Wonderful gallery. I love your imagination and your use of colour and light.

trektopniks's picture

That's a nice one! Very impressive,it's got great movement in it.

mythmaker's picture's awesome! Definitely my favourite of yours! It excited me - that doesn't happen too often these days... Wink

kizalon's picture

Such a romantic and vibrant piece, Marley. I love the atmosphere, it's so calm and inviting. Great painting =)

thrax-1's picture

Ahhh, thanks very much james. Yea, i made a special effort to make the sky more dramamtic than anything i have done yet. Glad you like that aspect ^^.~~Marley~~

thrax-1's picture

Thank you very much pierre. I am qquite proud of this one myself ^^. Cheers

thrax-1's picture

Thanks rita Wink. Yea it is a building/ living creature, I like that light aswell.Thanks again

thrax-1's picture

Thank you Andreas Laughing out loud. Great to hear.

somerset's picture

Oh that sky is amazing, Marley! the moulded structures appears almost organic, like fingers emerging from the ground! stunning colours!

carles's picture

Wow Marley ! Very impressive. It's brilliant.

rita's picture

Marley - this is magical Wink I love those colors esp the little light at this "building?" Wonderful work!

urizen's picture

WOW...just brilliant esp' that sky.

Art at its best.