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Added: Oct 27, 2005
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Hi people ^.

This will be my last piece for a wee bit. I am on the move and will most likely(though not 100% sure) ending my internet, due to finances..or lack of :roll:.

Ok so, The Overseer is a staunch but fair spirit, who watches all that walk through his land. He and a few of his friends are waiting to greet someone special into this realm...

Hope you all have a great last few months of the 05' ^^.


oops, me forgetfull as usual

Large version here

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thrax-1's picture

ahhh, jeff, well blow me down I have actually moved on a bit from this period, thankfully...a bit scewered would be the word. I have settled down nicely in the southisland of NZ, and have produced my best art yet, see my DeviantArt gallery for the latest. Thanks so much for all the comments, greatly appreciated Laughing out loud.

thejeff's picture

you just get better and better. your recent work is very visionary as always, and quite satisfying to look at, so get yer b*tt back here soon.

babs111's picture

This really is a beautiful image, one of those pictures that takes you to another place. I look forward to seeing how your work may evolve in the hopefully not to distant future!

thrax-1's picture

heh. thank you Amy, i am hoping for a long time, but you never know. Thanks very much again Amy

Guest's picture

Well, although I see nothing wrong with beautiful luminous pieces like this. . . . I do understand wanting to rejuvenate. I'll miss you though! Take care!

Guest's picture

Have a good break, and make sure you post more of these epic paintings when you get back. We could do with more art like this.

thrax-1's picture

Ahh Pierre, thats great, thank you very much. I am glad to see you have settled in with the epi community nicely. One thing i learned is a little encouragement can go a very long way. Thank you Pierre, and hope for all success with your art too Laughing out loud.


thrax-1's picture

Thank you very much matt, muchly appreciated ;D.

thrax-1's picture

You can cross good looking off the list, i have that one in the bag already, I'm working on the rich aspect however Tongue. Thats cool to hear that i have left a positive mark here with you and others Uwe. I have had many self doubting moments this year for sure, so those are some very encouraging words. Thanks Uwe!~~marley

thrax-1's picture

Hope so james, I am wanting to explore other avenues in art. I hit a realisation that my art doesn't seem to be pushing further as much as i'd like. I know for sure that i have nailed the 2d illustration with digital (not the manipulation aspect) and have hit a safe spot i think. I have been feeling for a while that perhaps my art is stagnating?. My earlier stuff was,well far more diverse than what i am producing now (which is landscape after landscape), I have no urge to paint anything else.

So this time will be used to think deeply about what i wish to do. What i am doing now isn't as fulfilling as it was was Sad. Alrighty, I thank you very much for the kind words james. It is bloody nice to know i will be missed.~~Marley

thrax-1's picture

hehe naa, it is feeling good to leave it a rest for a while, to be honest. I'll be enjoying my time off the net. Thanks Myth*

thrax-1's picture

Thank you rita Wink

carles's picture

I can only join the chorus: come back as soon as possible, we'll miss your dreamy landscapes and your kind comments too.

hechtal's picture

Very cool!

j-art's picture

Another great presentation of your visionary alien landscapes - superb!
Not good to hear you probably will end your internet - hope your situation with finances will change soon and you become rich, good looking, and bulletproof, as soon as possible! Seriously, hope to see you back online as soon as possible, i will miss you, i just hope when you return back i still can afford my internetconection Shock... --- however, internet or not, you are a real friend and i really have to thank you for all your support, you were one of the first who comented and recogniced my work , thanks for all my friend! I'll see you....

somerset's picture

Aw man, Marley, surely you will return one day? the place won't be the same without you my son! but sometimes it is good to take some time out, that way you can return more powerful than you would have ever imagined (gotta stop watching all those star wars films!) and anyway, you know that you mustn't deprive your fans of these beautiful alien landscapes!.....oh and beatiful work as always, my friend!

mythmaker's picture

Don't go! We'll die of lonliness! Sad

rita's picture

Again a wonderful mood there Marley - and hey, be back soon Smile!!

Art at its best.