Thermal-Climb by thrax-1


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Added: Nov 20, 2005
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Ya, howdy, arrived at my new place in the south island here and promptly fell into a new piece of art. I needed to get it off my chest..
fortunate enough to have a slightly cheaper internet connection aswell, so things are on ze up.
Thermal Climb is about allowing that being inside you to grow, and that is what it is capturing, a being revitalising itself, slowly bringing life back into its existance ,(in a science fiction landscape context that is)I hope i don't need to explain this more ..

actually if you do need a slight explaination as to me state of mind, check out my latest journal on deviantart.

Also large Version

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Excelent Picture

thrax-1's picture

Thanks, guest. Very kind Laughing out loud..


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All your art is fantastic! I love the use of colour in particular.
Well done Smile

thrax-1's picture

how about that!. that is one great compliment, the power of the internet eeh Laughing out loud. well i thank you very much for noticing th esmall things such as improvement of have a great day, guest Laughing out loud.

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How beautiful! I stumbled upon your Kolibri, while looking for a picture of a sailboat by the same name. I couldn't help but peruse your artwork. Gorgeous and very spiritual. I can see how you have improved over the years. I also liked "End of Era".

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hahah, that is a wonderful unique compliment. Thanks so much stephen, greatly appreciated ^^.

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i love this latest piece of yours.
my work is so grungey and full of dirt
and scabs, that when i see your work its like poking my head out of my window to breath some fresh air. i love the composition, colours, movement
structure and the sentiment. great work.

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i had planned to make it very dragony, once this piece took shape, for sure. Great observation Rita, thanks very much...marley

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awesome pierre, it is a really neat community of great artists to return to!(includes you naturally). Thanks mate Laughing out loud....Marley

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Yea, i haven't done such a reflective piece for a long while, i think since neptune or perhaps "End of Era". I felt a return, which i thought i had lost. Thank you James.

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thank you sira*. i actually learnt heaps with this piece for sure!!. I now have a process to fall on which brings me success. Thanks man

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Kirsi, awesome observation, a beating heart certainly fits well. thats a great compliment, thank you.

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Thank you svetlana, hope things are going swell for you....Marley

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Thanks Uwe. Honestly, i feel like a drama queen. Stating me leaving (which was fully my intention at the time), and then needing to do art as if to comfort myself in this strange new backyard i live in. wasn't expecting it at all!. Thank you my friend, as always..Marley

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yea, can log in easily now, cool. Jess, I wish i had someone like you round here, boy you can read my art easily, least i get satisfaction from your comments anyhoo. Thank you very much jess Laughing out loud....Marley

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Yay! you're back! It's mad creepy too, I was thinking of you today (long story, involves New Zealand). It's just the cosmic network that is epilogue, I guess. I love the anemone /salmon color of this. . . unusual, energetic palette. You're in fine form my friend Smile

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Oh this is beautiful! Very harmonic and light work, like a beating heart. Brings a lot of different feeligns in mind.. Lovely, really lovely!

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Thanks so much for all the supportive comments, everyone. I never expected to hop behind the screen so quickly myself. Twas a pleasure to paint and i am glad you all appreciate it ^^. Marley

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Yay! The Mcleay has returned! Laughing out loud Funny that I was thinking of you earlier... wondering what you were up to! A cool pic to return with! Really dramatic!

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It is so wonderful Marley - the red "thing" looks in my opinion something like a dragon... I just love the colors... Smile

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Beautiful again, Marley Smile very emotive image.


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Fantastic piece Marley (in all senses of the term). We are all very glad that your time away from Epilogue was finally shorter than we feared. Good to see you back.

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Hi Marley, great to see you back my man! Love the concept of this one mirroring your own life I guess, the spreading lifeforce is beautifully achieved here!

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Hey Marley - cheaper internet eh! Sooo good to know you are still online, wouldn't be the same without knowing you are around somewhere on the internet Smile. Oh, gerat piece one again, love your imaginative, futuristic landscapes so much! All the best to you my friend!!!

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