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Added: Feb 22, 2006
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HAH, uugh. 3rd time lucky, just kept recieving excellent crits on this in the forums and couldn't resist altering the image..Now i hope it is good enough to get in ^^.


oops largere version here

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thank you, christy. Yea small versions tend to leave the real meat and potato of images out unfortunately. It is most likely that this is my last image with a pallette like this. this got too mundane and it nearly beat me, pluys i am sick of the way my gallery looks with this palette being constant..i will be playin with warmer colours soon. Thanks so much for dropping by, christy!..Marley

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Fantastic work Marley; and thank you for the larger version, there are many details to appreciate. Beautiful color scheme as usual, though I must say I'd be curious to see what you'd do with bright, warm colors... But I really do enjoy the style of work you do! Smile

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Hi, Mark. wow, it has been many a year since i last seen a comment from you. I thank you very much for wonderful compliment!....Marley

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Beautiful work Marley, all of your art has a wonderful colour harmony and composition. You have a collection of images that is both etherial and magnificent.

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Awesome, Hi walt Laughing out loud. thank you very much for dropping by ^^....Marley

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Thats fantastic, thank you very much Matt XD. I do try to be original, hehe. though i am glad you mention th esense of scale. I always like my living landscapes to be ginormous. Thanks once again, matt....Marley

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Hi Marley, I get a terrific sense of scale in this, it really feels massive. I think it is one of my favourites, it is certainly one of the nicest alien landscapes I've seen recently

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Long time no see/read chris Laughing out loud. Awesome, thanks for dropping by, and thank you about the epilogue compliment, that is quite a unique one (first ever i think). I still recieve the odd rejection here and there (my elfwood gallery has one "Saanctuary", got a lil lazy with it). I find unlimited spare time to be counter productive in some respects. It works for a while but it can take the urgency out of your work. The most effective way for starting a piece for me is to start with 1 medium/mid tone. The least colours in the beginning, the better, as there is less work to do. I always add additional colours down the track ( much quicker, the less to think about the better). And no worries about comparisons, i got caught out on that one too. A thread in the forums popped up "pet peeves" i think it was, it was about being compared, and i'd just compared someone in the art gallery at that time, so it made me think (for more than 10 seconds hehehe)...Wellanyways chris, i did have more to say, but it would be long winded and possibly cut off at the legs aswell :)> Take care....MARLEY

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...regardless of their situation, so, no excuses I guess. Total, lifelong sacrifice and dedication must bey the key... Anyways, great work Marley. Until next time, Cheers! I guess these message centers dont have enough time for us long winded people. Smile

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Great work Marley. Congratulations on your continued success here at Epilogue. I can see that you really put a lot of work into the details of this piece. Far out, futuristic. Reminds me of Foss a little, but he wasn't the first or the last person to render sci-fi environments like this. No matter what we artists paint, it will always have our distinct personality ingrained within it, so this is definitely a unique creation. (I always feel like I have to explain myself whenever I compare one artist's work to another artist's work. I don't mean to say that someone is ever copying another's idea, just that maybe that person may have been influenced a little by it.) Do you ever render these images in oils? I heard you mention that you have gallery exhibitions, if so, congratulations on that as well. I don't think I will ever be that successful at art, I just don't have the drive, or the right combination of style and subject matter...yet? I will however always keep pecking away at it in my spare time whilst trying to pay my real world bills. God I wish I had unlimited spare time, lol. But I hear the true dedicated artists somehow find a way to carve out that time regar

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hhmm Imaginaive? thats a new one Tongue (course i knew what you meant) hehe. Yea, i thank you for that crit which woke me up nicely one morning, that was great. Thank you for commenting, sira*.

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HOWDY stephen, yea things are going swell, alot of colour back in my life for sure Laughing out loud. I have infact little by little got my life back on track down here. which i am greatful for. Cheers my friend. Marley

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heeey, its simon Laughing out loud. Yea i agree, i think this piece losses a lot of impact at this size, lots of things that are difficult to decipher i think. It would make a great poster indeed, so i'll keep that in mind!. cheers mate.

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Heiko, i am very glad to finally have a comment from you, your work is terrific!. Thank you very much for dropping by...Marley

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Rita, thanks so much. hmm i thought the water was a little more visual in its earlier stages?, but i did have one or two question marks as to what they were staring at Tongue. heh. Thanks for the compliment, rita.

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awesome james, actually i think your right, especially for the water. That is the smallest cluster of detail perhaps yet?. I do have some images on my deviantart and elfwood galleries which are not published on epi, just incase you hadn't seen my other pieces yet. they're quite detailed for sure Smile. Thank you very much james

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choice, pierre thats great to hear. I do think at this small resolution that the image losses out on a lot more than detail. I am not so sure i like it small, never the less, i am glad it has an intrigue value to it. Thank you so much for commenting, pierre..Marley (ps) i have posted a larger version in the description).

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Brilliant work, Marley, your most detailed yet I think, your lighting and composition are beyond awesome!

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Great piece indeed, Marley. Difficult at first to understand what is going on, but this is a quality here: the beautiful palette and dreamy atmosphere attracts the eye, and then the mind starts trying to make sense of it, and little by little, the elements (the sea, the mountain, the boat) start to fit together. It is nice, because this is a piece which makes the viewer want to spend time on.

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awesome - now I can see the waves, too Laughing out loud The light is wonderful!

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your style is so amazing.keep on the good work...

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Yep, excellent work. Pity Epi only allows 700px. This would make a great poster.

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hi Marley,
hope you are well,
beautiful work. i love your stuff..Smile

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Nice work Marley! Imaginaive and dramatic! Keep 'em coming! Wink

Art at its best.