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Added: May 20, 2006
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Sorry editors, i did a little readjusting and deleted the old file.

edit: larger version

wallpaper of an earlier version without the lightshow from the shaman...

For the ultimate dragon contest.. "A gentle creature glides gracefully high above the clouds, its shape so vast its shadow turns day into night. A shaman performs a ritual chant, to commune with the dragon." A few revisions needed, but glad i was made to do em. Take care everyone Marley
Copyright: This image copyright © Marley Mcleay 2005.

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thrax-1's picture

Wink, awesome, rafal. thank you very much, high praise for you to even visit ^^, i'm gratefull, thank you very much!

mcf's picture

Excellent work on those transparent wings and the whole dragon. I love thew pastel tones of the setting sun. Your works have always great perspective and feeling of space and light.

thrax-1's picture

this is totally awesome, Ward, my friend i am really happy you decided to catch up..absolutely awesome..I got your email and will send a txt asap! thanks very much for dropping by. Your right, I am in a very good space at the moment. The most peace i have had since the intro course of 99*. Best course ever^^. cheers mate, speak to you soon!....Marley

Guest's picture

hello my old friend. amazing to see just how much you have progressed. truely masterful work. good to see the use of humanoid forms in your work also. if you havnt guessed its Ward here. you must be in a happy place, because I can see it in your images. well done my friend!!

thrax-1's picture

Howdy, derek Laughing out loud. Thank you very much for that, its greatly appreciated. yea the colours are infact one of my favourites simply becuase, i varied my technique and nailed them very very quickly. I am in an upcoming issue of ImagineFX where i get to explain the process somewhat!. Just thought i'd throw thatone in for good measure Tongue. Take care derek...Marley

graysun's picture

Congrats on your top 3 finish with this one Marley. Yours and Oleg's dragons were my favorite of the bunch. I really like the ethereal dragon and your colors of course are just awesome. Good stuff.

thrax-1's picture

thank you, peter Laughing out loud

pegahoul's picture

Very beautiful colors here ^^

thrax-1's picture

Laughing out loud aww awesome, walt. its great to hear from you again. Thanks so much mate, couldn't tell you where my fetish for giant sized creatures or structures comes from..gotta be those sci-fi movies i like :?. thats one hell of a compliment, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!.Marley

baylessiii's picture

Big, grand and beautiful, like all of your stuff! I love your huge vision.

thrax-1's picture

awesome Laughing out loud, cheers very much for the support, bill...Marley

thrax-1's picture

Hey, pierre. Never mind bout the comments, not a pre-requisite with me. glad you came anyway along anyhey^^. Thank you very much, pierre....Marley

carles's picture

Wow, so great it went in ! It is a wonderful one. I followed it in the dragon contest, sorry I did not comment earlier, I was away for a few days. Congratulations Marley.

bcorbett67's picture

Another great piece for your matey!

thrax-1's picture

Nathan Laughing out loud. Thanx for commenting. I don't think it's your imagination, this was a piece i needed as i felt i was slipping behind and really needed to pull something out of the basket. Competition seems to do that nicely Laughing out loud...Thank you very much, nathan.....marley

thrax-1's picture

Ahh, itsa chris. Cool to see you still keep round these parts. and thank you for the kind words, as usual Laughing out loud.....Marley

thrax-1's picture

Hi Thomas, It's always nice to hear from fellow kiwi's. I know they visit, but they always keep tight lipped :?. Thanks very much for the compliment, really appreciated..Are you an artist yourself?.

thrax-1's picture

Howdy, Uwe. Thats really great to hear, thanks for the very enthusiastic response to my piece. My nose is telling me i am going in the right direction then Tongue. haha cheers very much, Uwe!

thrax-1's picture

Cheers, simon. Yea it is a shame that bugs that plagued epi since 2003 are still here to plague people now. There are still times were epi is down for a few hours. Thanks very much for stopping by and complimenting Tongue, haha. always appreciated....Marley

Guest's picture

Damn this comments bug, I'll try again... Excellent fantasy feel to this one, good sense of serenity too. Classic colours are great - nice job.

j-art's picture

AWESOME!!!! I saw it before but didn't find the time to comment. But now let me tell you this is really freaking amazing, what a fantastic dragon-creature you created here, and as always your colors are just - WOW!!!!!

Guest's picture

Hey there Marley, awesome gallery you have here! I love the blend of fantasy and science fiction elements in your pictures.
Props from a fellow kiwi \m/

Guest's picture

Damn, I think its one of your best bro. That sunset is gorgeous!

Guest's picture

Wow. What a palette, fantastic colors, is it my imagination or have the artists at Epilogue all been kicking it up a knotch lately...

Art at its best.