Song of the Great One by thrax-1

Song of the Great One

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Added: Jul 09, 2006
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The great one of course being the giant Whale hovering in the sky, I had in mind that its song can heal and nurture, hence this pieces' title. The tittle actually came to me when i noticed its shape forming as it progressed, hit me in the solar plexis and thus enjoyed what this piece meant...Yea, its another one of those environmental pieces, much like "Saanctuary". I take exception to whaling for "Research". You should be well informed on it, so i won't delve too deeply, I am in no doubt that the world will miss the call of the whale once it is gone!.

sorry for my brain is preventing me from writing a "wind blows gently through the hair" story line about this. Its more my thoughts on it!

A good 5 days work. not entirely happy with the bottom left corner, so maybe there will be a revision in hand!. wont be a wallpaper for now, not till its finished (its no use doing 2)

Am happy with the piece in general. I haven't used a palette like this since "Tempora" perhaps.

I have the EvilNinja rochelle to thank for getting my arse in to gear for "Beckoned", which lead to quite a "Light Bulb" moment in technique and now i think i finally have it sussed..


no wallpaper but there is a larger version here..

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its a shame about the comment decapitation horror. it sure must drive many away in disgust..Thanks very much for perservering simon, thats fantastic and cheers for the compliment aswell, yea, i am very concoius about beleivabilty, even though they may look willy nilly, i try to get them as accurate as possible, in all aspects. Awesome simon, thanks very much!....Marley

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Finally the comment box has appeared... excellent pic, it's good how you can create totally alien environments that actually look possible instead of just a bunch of shapes and colours

thrax-1's picture

chur!, thanks stephen, nice to see you around my neck o the woods, thank you very much for commenting ^^....


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hi marley,
superb piece, just beautiful.

thrax-1's picture

Awesome, Uwe!. totally thankful for your comment. i am gald my art is distinctive enough to be recognised ^^. cheers mate...Marley

j-art's picture

No need to read the name when i see your art, i could spot out your pieces among hundrets of others. Your art is so wonderful unique and so pleasing for the eyes to look at. Another excellent painting from you!

thrax-1's picture

and i love and cherish your comments equally. Your one of the originals for me and its great to still be getting comments nearly 4 years down the track..Really appreciated, jess..Marley

thrax-1's picture

HAHA, well thats fine and dandy with me mate, thanks so much Myth!....Marley

thrax-1's picture

awesome, rita, thank you very much for the kind words!....Marley

thrax-1's picture

Yea you're right, I seek improvement. And if I were to draw parallels to my real life, it would make a lot of sense. As for this piece now, I have passed the cool down period and think that there will be no more work on this, I am very emotionally satisfied with this piece, I am loving the whale connection. I was involved with the rescue of stranded pilot whales earlier this year, and that was just amazing, thousands of people guiding 100 pilot whales out to see. something I never forget Smile. Thank you, james...Marley

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Wow. I had to just stop and stare at this one for a minute. The orange/blue contrast is so sharp, I can almost taste it (tangy!) and the lines are as always beautiful. You've really got the perspective/depth down on that foreground surface. I love your environmental inspirations! It's gorgeous!

mythmaker's picture

I umm... have no idea what I'm looking at... but I know I like it! Another great work! Laughing out loud

rita's picture

It is awesome! And how you painted the light is just OUTSTANDING

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Amazing work, Marley, there is always something organic about your pieces....the imagery seems to shift and evolve in front of my eyes, the fact that you are going to work on this more makes me wonder if you seek constant change...I suspect you are one of those artists who are never quite satisfied...and that's good right?

thrax-1's picture

Pierre, thanks so much mate. I was actually in two minds about this piece, since i think there is a lot of room for improvement, but it is in and i am very glad ^^. That is one hell of a compliment mate, I don't think there are too many artists who get this kind of praise, its very flattering and unique^^. Cheers very much, pierre!!.

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I really love the color palettes in your pieces, and all those "shapes without a shape" you create. Looking at one of your paintings is really like watching a cloudy sky at dusk, pretending to see flying cities and alien creatures in the shapes of clouds. This is what we do with my wife on many an evening, gazing out through the window at twilight time (we live on a hill side, and always have beautiful sunsets). And every time I cannot help thinking of your paintings. Really. Smile

Art at its best.