Hybrid Realm by thrax-1

Hybrid Realm

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Added: Aug 26, 2006
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before any explanation

** the guidlines state that "you may use your entry materials to promote yourself and your business, including the right for you to be known as the author of your art submission."


This piece is my entry for the "Starcraft" Art competition, 2d environment.

its a zerg protoss hybrid realm.

I learnt that staying away from the net can help with speedier results Laughing out loud haha

hope you like it as i am very proud of this baby!..

take care everyone


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thrax-1's picture

that is awesome, mate. thanks very much, simon. That is a compliment and a half Laughing out loud.

Guest's picture

Wonderful and epic - your consistent style is as impressive as your imagination - keep going!

thrax-1's picture

Gosh, terry, long time no see. Making it in that mag was a very cool thing for me, i heard about that mag via word of mouth and thought well, i'll give it a shot. It was a magic day waking up in my third day of a nasty virus, to read my emails with the happy news Laughing out loud. Many thanks for the visit, terry.....Marley

thrax-1's picture

I believe that would be my first !!!CHRIS PICK!!! and an absolute honour that is! thanks very much mate Laughing out loud..it was cool to wake up and read for sure, looks like a crit got chopped off unfortunately, damned comment bug, but still the best part of the comment made it through. Im bloody pleased ahahehehe..Thanks cris....Marley

Guest's picture

Hey Marley! This one gets a CHRIS PICK from me! Congratulations! Anyway though, I think this one must have just barely escaped an Editor's Pick, there's just something about it that's really great. Editors! Give this man an editor's pick!! I agree t

frodo's picture

Love this Marley, great piece of work. Saw your artwork in FX mag that was stunning too...

thrax-1's picture

oopss forgot to say thanks and indeed you have the honour of first comment Wink ..

thrax-1's picture

Yea, i used an actual sunset for the colours, I took many photos of the sun nigh twilight!. To use reference, helps considerably!...

thrax-1's picture

Thanks mate Laughing out loud. glad you like it..My chances are slimmed somewhat. it stuffed up and sent a somewhat small jpeg through Sad..it would accept my sized down psd..so i hope this piece speaks loudly enough for itself!. Thanks again, myth!.

thrax-1's picture

Hey tom, how have you been?. thanky very muchly. it is my best on a technical level for sure. It was very enjoyable indeed. Thanks very much, tom...Marley

thrax-1's picture

Awesome Uwe, thanks very much. hope things are going swell for you ?.

thrax-1's picture

No worries mate. that is infact a consistant crit that many have said before. Needs more contrast. its a reccurent theme in my art :?. hehe. thanks very much for taking the time to crit!, matt......


mattbradbury's picture

Hi again,

I hope you don't mind, but you could just play with the contrast/levels a little bit. Maybe put a little more intensity into the sunset. For me at the moment it's just a tiny bit lacking in contrast so it hasn't quite got the impact I'm sure it could have. Please, please, please, don't be offended by me saying this. Thing is you've done the work, the image is fantastic but it never hurts to try a few tweeks, just a thought!

mattbradbury's picture

Now that's rather nice, you have painted an unbelievable sky and an equally impressive environment. Well done Sir!!!Wink

j-art's picture

Wow that's a winner!! I so love your out of this world architecture and landscapes, so unique and just wonderful to look at. As usual fantastic colors!!!

portalrun's picture

Marley, this is fantastic dude!! one of your best I think, I can see far away past the ship, really nice view pal...

mythmaker's picture

Heeeeeeeeey.... Pierre! I don't remember that comment being there when I started writing mine... hmm... maybe we were both first!!! Tongue

mythmaker's picture

I recon... it could be your best piece yet! Laughing out loud Great colours, and very dramatic! Good luck!

carles's picture

He he, this time I get to be first to comment ! Smile You seem to have gone a bit away from your usual color palette with these green water-like tones. It is an interesting direction, especially in a sci-fi context like Starcraft. Very interesting (as usual, I should say).

Art at its best.