Debris Field by thrax-1

Debris Field

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 10, 2006
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My first foray into matte painting. Created as an excercise for the digital matte painting forum on CGTalk..It is pretty much all "hard round" brushwork on a photograph. That includes spaceship with its turbine up the back there. The crushed snow that surrounds the objects through to the running water and crystals bottom right hand side.

Very interesting, i would like to explore this avenue alot more..

my apoligies the original photographer is not known.

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thrax-1's picture

soory patrick, for the late response. i very rarely log in now, yea i think curves were a bad habit that has become second nature for me now ^^. i literally do not like pieces without therm now Laughing out loud. thanks so much patrick.


megaflow's picture

This is great! You really blending your stuff in nicely, and it's got all the great curves and shapes you always put into your environments, too. Very nice.

thrax-1's picture

thats not a problem, john, thank you very much for dropping by also!.^^

pumpkins's picture

Your work is spectacular! Great conceptual and execution. Very believable. Thanks for stopping by. KP

thrax-1's picture

Thanks mate, verry much Laughing out loud......Marley

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Cheers rita. Always great to have a comment from you. I most certainly will kepp it up ^^....Marley

thrax-1's picture

Thanks, pierre thats really great. Your new Macbook sounds very cool i must say. I am also stoked to hear that 'southern citadel' makes for a great wallpaper Laughing out loud. I thank you very much for lettin me know

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XD, thank you for dropping by christine Wink.


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A mighty big thank ya very much mate ^^. I do appreciate these words as i am finding that art over the net can be very similar, so having a distinctive trait credited to my art is a number 1 compliment. Many thanks my friend and hope things are going swell for you.

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Heya, matt. Its cool for you to visit again even after commenting in the forums...Much appreciated my friend Laughing out loud.

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Hey michal, thanks for the compliment. I must admit to have only watched 2 episodes of the first season. Unfortunately while the premise is very cool. I could not find a connection to any of the characters on the series, so i left it. I saw the opener of the 2 season (well it might be second half first season as the tv stations here are fond of splitting seasons up over the year, very disjointing) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a great battle between this earth ship Deadulus i think vs these "Wraith Hive" ships, they were Gragantuan. of course my favourite scale of ship, so i might just have to get back into viewing it on a regular basis...Thanks Michal

micross's picture

It reminds me of a scene from Stargate: Atlantis where they found a huge spaceship that's been grown over by trees. Anyway, excellent picture...I like it a lot!

Guest's picture

hey marley,
another lovely piece.

rita's picture

It is fantastic - now keep them coming Smile

carles's picture

He he, I know this one too. Smile I remember our discussion on matte painting. It's a real achievement for a first try I must say. Keep up the good work. And by the way ... I am writing this comment on my new MacBook Pro 17", with your beautiful Southern Citadel as a wallpaper. I cannot get enough of it. Smile

griffingirl's picture

Brrrrrr! But brilliant!

somerset's picture

Oh my!!!! sensational work Marley, It's weird but you can always tell a marley! not quite sure what it is but something to do with composition and effect! beautiful imagery my friend!

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Marley, you already know I like this but couldn't resist the urge to be the first post a comment. It's great work! And considering its your first attempt it is fantastic! Keep it up mate.

Art at its best.