Depth-II by thrax-1


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 24, 2007
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Its revisited because i lost the original file. Had to rework an uncompleted version which took 4 days.

Enjoyable however!

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Guest's picture

Loving your new work marley!! 'Depth' looks fantastic.

j-art's picture

Damn, that's REALLY good! Fabulous piece!

mattbradbury's picture

It was superb the first time round and its superb this time to! Losing the original file really sucks! I won't bang on about the importance of backing up your work, God knows I need to do it more often myself. On the plus side it does show that the first time was no fluke, this is one of your best!

somerset's picture

I always get the feeling that you are pushing your artwork up a notch, Marley, it is staggering to guess where you are going next.....Superb imagery in everyway! Smile

thrax-1's picture

Hey thanks very much everyone!, I'm having issues logging in so i'll just post here..

In summary, yea i'd like to branch down this way more, i've about knocked the ambience of alien landscapes to death. I' d also like to tackle some form of character art, but i never seem to be able to imagine anything which hasn't been tackled before....Its very cool to be getting more guest comments back into my gallery, thanks Rita And Pieere. Jan, an honour to have you even visit, i thank ya very much. Take care everyone.....Marley

patrik's picture

Very nice!

carles's picture

Good to see this new version of an already brilliant work. I always said you were a really deep guy ! Smile
Keep them coming Marley, more Chtullhu stuff !

Guest's picture

I agree with Rita Ria. This is definitely better than the original! It's also one of your most detailed works we've seen and with this the question posed to be asked is simple.

Will you continue in this vein or will you go back to your normally airy style?

rita's picture

Marley, and I think this is even better then the lost one!

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You have succeeded in creating a lot of depth too! I like the way you have used light and shadow to create the illusion of depth and massive size. This is a very effective image.

Art at its best.