Xin-Ji-li by thrax-1


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Added: Sep 11, 2007
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Xin-Ji-Li according to one translation means (heart/mind is truth)..

Inspired by a doco on the new dam being constructed on the Yangtze River in China..So disheartening to see tens of thousands of years worth of history being flooded an effort to power 10% of the country Sad. on the other hand it is spectacular to look at.

this is a look at a cast system i guess..You can see where the humans live..around the large plate is MEANT to be the human figure..Though at only 4400px wide it wasn't worth expending the effort..then we have where the deity's Lay, the statue and architecture is a represetation of the afterlife..Something my heart and mind believes in.


large version here

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I should check my message system more often, so sorry for the half year delay in commenting. Cheers very much for the supportive comments

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Such beauty, such majesty. The background itself is perfection.The statues add the perfect touch.

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*takes a bow*, Thanks mate..yea i think the colours are quite special with this back to using good old rich colours again..its taken me ages to get here, but it is good. Cheers, simon..Marley

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I knew it was yours from the thumb Smile Great job, another epic piece, and what colours!

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great! Artwork Marley...pity we can`t see a larger verison with all the sumptuous texture that I know you put into it...

Art at its best.