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Added: Apr 03, 2008
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just completed for the CGChallenge "Uplift" Inspired by the Uplift series by David Brin

The gist of it all..The light structure in the middle is representative of the Original Alien species that started it all (Progenators)..

And how they have cast a long Light (or shadow) across the many generations of Aliens. Their Knowledge, the very basis of many species existence....

The objective of the contest was to depict interaction between human and alien or other sentient species..
The human aspect is not entirely accurate to the novels..The relation of humans (or human like) here was inspired by Brian Aldiss's "HotHouse" my most enjoyed reading experience i have ever had!!.

A reference to the very tall trees with human tribes attached to them

you can view the progress here


thank you everYone, marley

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bcorbett67's picture

Ahh Marley, you're art is so unique you give your subjects an other worldly quality so rarely seen elsewhere. If I was dishing out Editor's picks you and Uwe would have had quite a few by now, but unfortunately you're just have to settle for my admiration and respect for your artwork.

Guest's picture

beautiful ... just beautiful

thrax-1's picture

I love you too, Rita Laughing out loud tehehehe..

take care, rita and thanks...


thrax-1's picture

ahahahahaha, thank you so much Sigrid..Totally appreciated

thrax-1's picture

ahh, cheers my friend.. a pleasure dueling for a week hahaha..CONGRATULATIONS on the editors pick, I think that holds good omens for you.......You know this may sound crazy jealous but i couldn't care about winning the contest, but i do, about not being able to score a bloody editors pick myself HAHAHAHA..Im left asking wtf do i have to do..I've reined my technique in and flipped it left right then re-invented it and still 6 years 50 odd pieces later..no closer to the little gem than i am to Roswell New Mexico..Owell hey your words are always appreciated my friend, thank you so much......Marley

shany's picture

And here´s another one fallen in love with your colors Wink) Amazing!

rita's picture

I just LOVE your colors

Guest's picture

You finished it, and nice job too! What I like about your pictures is that they often appear totally alien, almost like dreams. Good luck in the contest.

Art at its best.