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Kaiwhakaruaki. In Maori myth and legend, Kaiwhakaruaki is a "man eating monster" (Taniwha) that terrorized tribes scattered throughout my old tramping grounds of Golden Bay.

A creature that dwelt in the river side of Para Para.

In order to counter the beast, a battalion of 340 men fashioned weapons from a sacred Pohutukawa tree. Using lure and diversionary tactics, Kaiwhakaruaki met his demise.

Extremely paraphrased, but this is the jist.

This was for a collaborative project for my college, groups of artists from all levels and degrees joined together on a joint venture to depict one of 5 different myth and legend from local Maori folk lore.

Naturally this story of the Taniwha was to our liking.

We chose to depict the scene of the Pohutukawa tree being felled to make weapons. 6 set about creating and decorating the tree. 4 went to make the weapons 2 set about creating the leaves and 2 including myself did artworks that were projected onto a 5 or so metre screen.

My artwork was very well received by the group, who felt inspired to push onwards. I was able to create this on the first night (3.5-4 hrs). Although what you see here has additional colour added over the version that was shown.

It is a little rough around the edges as most of you keen artists will note, but in the time I had I actually feel I created a very natural composition, with regard to landscape,,REALLY REALLY happy to have been able to contribute positively and at least inspire.



ps to add 3 to 4 hrs time

using my own photography

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