14th.Vagranth by thuomas


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Added: Mar 06, 2003
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¨Sefhirah¨the last and the first of the lineage,.defending the gates of her kingdom,of her life,her soul,..

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Tarja y Nightwish son mis ídolos musicales, que bueno ver que hacen arte con ellos en otra rama...aunque el dibujo y los colores son buenos, son poco para representar la incomparable belleza de Tarja !!!


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Your detail is exquisite and time-consuming I'm sure. You are actually quite the artist and let me say why exactly. It isn't because you have masterful detail, or because your ideas are wonderfully creative that are setting you apart from other artists. You have the gift of Rembrandt. It is your ability with shadows that clearly define your work. I will not forget your name. Your work with shadows is of Rembrandt quality. This talent will gain you international recognition. Shadows are the thing to master when doing portraits. Who can ever know if shadows can be truly mastered? Your work is of very high quality.

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U write exactlly what I want to do ( sometimes i try and not always have a succes :)Yes Im Russian!! and live in Argentina,. ( bwah haaa je Smile life somentims deliver to strange but beautyfull places..

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You have probably heard this many times, but damn you are good. You seem to not only have talent in art but in your imagination. Creating all these different people and their culture (which is clearly shown in the armor and sword). The clouds are amazing too. Looks like something not quite of this world and yet not too "out there". Very well done and I am looking forward to your next piece. Great job!
PS: Are you Russian? You live in Argentina, it's just your name is clearly Russian. Just wondering.

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This is great work i really like this,her expression is great and the detail as well,nice piece.

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Well yeap!,.. I dont know why,.. ,..i simply love to do it.. and if make it posiblee( steel learning..) want to give them a meaning..
a lot of good wishes..!

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ups!..humm ( Im steell learning how this mesegges work^s,.. the reply ¨Nigthwish is for u¨
bye and thank¨s
Thuomas ( Vladimir..)

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Hi! .. yeah!! Nigthwish is very important to me., the miusic,.ad the voice of Tarja are out of this planet!!
pd: now she ( Tarja ) is here in Bs.As. ,..I hope have an autograph from here.. ^-^!

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Ok!1 thank¨^s a lot .. ( exquise my bad english! ) ( Im steel learning..)^-^ i put sometimes a little bit of acrilic colours to generate more impact ..

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This is an amazing example of pencil work, the detail is awsome. good work!

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I love Nightwish, And I love this wonderful pic of Tarja.

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beautiful costum work, all the little details in there are amazing.

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Ah yes, an interesting take on Tarja Turunen, frontwoman and vocalist of Nightwish, one of my favourite bands. Great stuff!

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I knew she looked farmiliar from somewhere....

good job!! i like it alot

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outstanding work!

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The amount of detail you put into the costumes is....just...CRAZY! *oggles* I like her eyes too.

Art at its best.