O.B. aircraft XXL by mg78

O.B. aircraft XXL

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 14, 2003
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sketch on A4 with a pen, and painted with photoshop...
1 month -_-"

here a pic large = http://digilander.libero.it/horde/!!gfXartist/(1200)aereob.JPG

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mg78's picture

there will be no many problem do it.... ill do maybe in the next future

Guest's picture

Makes me think of a spy plane or high speed interceptor. Pretty nice. Think you could make one in all black?

Guest's picture

Well, i'm kind of biased about most aviational stuff, but this is the friggen best plane design I've ever seen! I just hope I live to see this baby get used!

dareevan's picture

from here. VEry Well AirCraft!!! WOWOWOW. I like this one very much. u should post more design mecha or sci-fi mobile.

mg78's picture

with the space shuttle, it have some coincidence: the dark face and a white body. 4 the spy plane, yes... the idea come from also the blackbird (that aircraft is a spy plane)

Guest's picture

I don't see where the space shuttle aerodynamics fall into it, but it's still an awesome design nevertheless! Maybe some sort of spy plane? Great perspective too!

mg78's picture

yes, i saw macross in tv, when i was child -_-" , but the very help for this kind of tech come from macross plus (best anime i have see). however, this work is an idea between a space shuttle (a flat deep with a dark face) and a blackbird, military aircraft (4 the aereodynamic)

Guest's picture

Did you derive any inspiration from the veritech design in the macross series?

mg78's picture

4 the prints, wait next week (February). all this will be ready (may be on DAprints)

sorry -_-" (the prints are a new world 4 me...)

rquiroz's picture

I find this aircraft exstremely beautiful. Where can I get a print?

mg78's picture

rendering with photoshop Tongue -_-" (may be someone could think to 3Dstudio)(lol)

mg78's picture

thx Smile

christar's picture

Awesome design and rendering.

mya's picture

Really nicely done. Ultra sleek, and clean looking; the whole shape of the nose and cockpit looks really good.

Art at its best.