Ceiling by kaliketu


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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 11, 2002
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I need to work on it some more--but it's my version of some grand ceiling.

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The lil cat breaks the seriousness, and the colors and women form a fascinating cultural poise. I like it!

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I love your art its so cool!

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This picture is realy interesing. Great colours! Amazing

eliklein's picture

Your work has that originality and style too it most others lack.

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Hey i luv it but,..... iz it just me, or are all of the ones arond the middle picture better then the one in the middle itself? but hey, don't let me get you down i mean, i really luv it, its just... the only way we get better is by learning from our mistakes, and you are already great so i want to see you as fantastic! keep working hard, GOOD JOB

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I'd never seen the finished product - very nice m'dear Tongue

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One word: AMAZING!

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oOOH! one of the coolest marker pieces i've ever seen! ver lovely.. i'd that the pure white areas ruin the mood a little bit with their brightness... other than that, fantastic!

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This picture is beautiful!I've never seen anything like it.It's absoluetly mind blowing!Smile

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Wow I rily edmier your work this is the best theing I have ever seen love yoy siena

Art at its best.