Baptised in Blood by kingzog

Baptised in Blood

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 30, 2003
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Digital painting in Photoshop 7, with a small amount of special FX. Intended as a CD cover, but currently without any takers! (that's not an invitation to nick it for your band! Tongue )

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this is so cool i love it!!!!!!!!

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It looks like Posh from the Spice girls. Awesome work. =3

saybia's picture

The empty gaze.. the need to feel alive and fill her self with blood...
I i would see her in an abandoned ally i would run like hellfire was kissing my but!!
SHE'S GOURGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

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shes beautiful absolutely beautiful in her own way. But I have to say my first reaction was to reach up and grab my lip cause damn that freaks me out the way her lip seems to be almost melting even though its the blood.

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I adore that it doesn't look overly-digital....this sort of image is right up my alley! If this is what a bloody baptism looks like, go forth and sin, my brothah! Wink

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this is an excellent piece, mind u, i dont really know what to say, other than if i dont stop looking at this, it'll give me nightmares for the rest of my life! excellent!

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yo imaging her in ur bed at ya feet..(shaking) but thats a amazing pic.

kingzog's picture

She has her charms, certainly... I wish I could have done a better job on the hair, though. Thanks for the comment!

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damn I like her..what a deadly lover would make!

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I was going to start a new band, and I saw you picture and loved it. My band was going to star my fiance as the lead singer, and it is almost on the road. We are so close to getting it going. Please can I use you CD cover art? I need to know how much does it cost, and how I would legally grab it to use. I could just print it out and use it, but I'm an honest person. So, if you are interested in communicating, please email me at ... Thankyou. -WARNER-

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Thanks! I've been working hard with Photoshop brushes to create a grittier feel to my work (combined with liberal post-production photo-manip work!).

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ahh the blood looks real fallin from the lip like that... I quite like this, especially the eyes..

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Damn,umm, well I like your image.I have been working on an image of the exact same subject matter for the past two weeks(naked vamp,blood gore and white sheets)So I was quite shocked when this was posted,in fact dumbfounded as to how to proceed.One hell of a coincidence.Its not that they look alike but the subject matter is identical.Well,you posted first so I am going to alter mine even though its still going to be a bloody bent over naked vamp:)Damn! Great idea buy the way...

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Wow!! i do remember this in wip a wee while back,i think it was this.Its stunning kieth.The textural work makes this piece unique,rather than it being photo realistic,it looks more painterly.An excellent technique Smile

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I love this one!!!

Art at its best.