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Added: Apr 12, 2004
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Living up in canada, we still dont have anything growing and still got patches of snow everywhere, so as i sat in the backyard (in two sweaters) conteplating all the yellow grass, I came up with this piece.

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Guest's picture

extraordinary! great job Smile

somerset's picture

Outstanding! I've been viewing this for five minutes now and I still can't come up with the words to give justice to this beautiful painting! you are incredible, Jessey!

patrik's picture

Lovely artwork

malyce's picture

Thankyou so much Juha

aranor's picture

Oh, this is really beautiful! Exquisite work on her face and hair. And oh, wings too... Smile

malyce's picture

* Hugs* lol mel thankyou, so good to hear from you again, I'll hunt ya down on your RPG site and email you from there!
Thanks hun =)

malyce's picture

Oh wow!!! Thankyou so much for the lovely comments, I just saw your gallery and was absolutely floored. Your definately an inspiration! Thankyou again Uwe!

j-art's picture

jessey - let me tell you you have a wonderful gallery - my hats up to you!!! - this one is just breathtaking...

Guest's picture

Jess, I'm still such a fan of your work, it keeps getting better and better...drop me a line sometime, haven't talked to you in a while---
Melissa (aka INdy/Ros)

malyce's picture

Thankyou, I might try some more, I had alot of fun with the colors and creek especcially. =)

yadykaryn's picture

Your colors are gorgeous. You said you don't normally do landscapes? You should do more. I bet they'd be fantastic, cuz this one rocks.

malyce's picture

Thanx for the lovely comments, lol regretfully they called for snow in the next few days!!! go figure!!

Guest's picture

She's gorgeous.

Keep hope! I live in Wisconsin (practically in Canada) and things are starting to green up here!

I love the colors you've used in this piece, and the expression in your angel's eyes. Thank you.

malyce's picture

I have yet to be on the East coast of canada, but I hear its beautiful. I'm in Alberta, so lots of prairies. Thankyou for your comments. =)

malyce's picture

Thankyou scott!

malyce's picture

Thanx, regretfully this image got shrunk down so much of the detail is lost in the face, and I had fun with the sky, havent done skies in a very long time.

malyce's picture

Thankyou, I had fun doing this piece, ussually i dont work with landscapes.

sdavis123061's picture

Beautiful work Jessey. I love the colors in the sky and the way you highlighted her wings.

cherber's picture

Wow, that's so beautiful! Looks like my front yard, minus the gorgeous angelic creature of course! Smile We're still all great and snow patchy up here in Nova Scotia, too! The wings are gorgeous, and so is her dress, very beautiful work!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Gorgeous work on the face and sky in particular. I think after the Darklings, this is my favorite in your gallery.

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Hey this is an awesome picture, i live in canada too and the land scape is wonderful! great job

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