~ Characture of Aspen ~ by malyce

~ Characture of Aspen ~

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 16, 2004
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Characture done of Aspen Kardon, set only 34 years in the future within the Sanctuary Tavern, overlooking whats left of the desolute city. (Took about 14-15 hours to do)

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Jessey, My Dear Darling Sweet...

You did such Justice on Aspen. You took my words and made her personified. For that, I could not be more pleased. Please get in touch with me, I have yet to finalize my desire to have a tangible copy of my own. Love Always, GMo


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Thankyou so much Chris

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Thankyou Very much Michel.
I did use a few references for the glass and bottle, but just quickly painted them into the picture, you should see it up close, its gawd aweful. I tend to work on my images very big, so by the time it shrinks down, all the loosely painted elements actually condenses to look half way decent. Thankyou for the comments.

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Such a realistic quality, I dunno where to begin! I feel drawn in to the setting and mood. This is so well done! Thanks for sharing with us all Smile

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Awesome work Jessey.
I love the blending of 100% painted elements and photographic one (glass, bottle). Her expression is also really good and interesting !
My only concern would be maybe the area behind her legs, maybe it is just a bit too blurry in contrast with the sharpness of the anchor thingie ...

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Thankyou very much Varian. The client wanted that Slovak/Greek look, with the coacoa skin, So i had alot of fun with skin play here.

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Scott, you always have the most deliscious comments. Thankyou so much for your's. Its funny you should mention her facial expression, for the character -Aspen- Had quiet the serpents tounge and swore quiet profusely, so I tried to achieve that f-u sort of look. (chuckles) I think the worst area for me is perspective, thats why you never see true backgrounds in my work, so This peice was definatly a learning work. Thanks again, I always love hearing from you. =)

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Thankyou so much rita =)

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*Chuckles* Actually the Clients character -Aspen Kardon- Died in the game in a death match, so the Client wanted sort of a memorial picture done in her favor. So the woman you lust for (Even though fictional) is 6 ft. under (winks) Thankyou for the comment.

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Thanks James! For some reason, the picture when uploaded into Epilogue is much lighter, so I'm really hating how the bottom walls are looking, it's supposed to be very muted (almost black) with just hints of blue/purple color.. I might go back and darken this area of how it's supposed to look like for Epilogue.. Oh see now I'm rambling! Thankyou so much for the comment, I always love hearing from you.

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Stunning work, Jessey! and in such a short time, wow! hugely impressive

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Who is she ? I mentally thirst to know ?

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Jessy, I like the atmosphere there and how she is looking!

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Who is she ? I mentally thirst to know ?

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Wow, where do I begin? The figure is painted very well, nice skin tones, beautiful face & hair, and the folds in her clothing look very natural. Excellent rendering on the tiled wall, the window and the smoke effect too. For me though, its her sly facial expression really makes this piece, she looks like trouble waiting to happen. Only 14-15 hours huh? Wow, that's pretty fast! Great job Jessey, but then I'm always telling you that 'cause your work is always so fantastic! Smile

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Wonderful work. Love the skin tones!

Art at its best.