Borea by skinink


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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 14, 2002
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First time really trying to work with Painter Classic. It's a portrait of a character for a friend.

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this reminds me of something i read in one of my greek myth books, you're right borea is one of the minor wind goddesses.great pic love the shirt.keep up the good work,sre if i sound bossy great pic though.

Guest's picture i the only one that knows that it was /Hermes/ that had the wings on his feet, not Pan. *twitch* 2. your work is beautiful, the colors are well blended, if perhaps a little light. The one thing I do not care for is the very heavy black outer lines. Your colors are soft and well blended after all, your lines should be as well. only one opinion i suppose.

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Oh! Kawaii desu. I love the wings on her shoe, and the colour is very nice. Draw more for us petty mortals, to fill our minds with wonder!!

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Thanks! Painter's new - I'm still trying to learn what all it does, but it's great to work with.

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You did a really really good job in that one! Oh GOD!!
Congratulations, Painter is so good neh?! Keep it up!!

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[g] No relationship to Pan that I know - minor goddess of the wind or something like that.

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Hey, thanks Marley! Yeah, the friend I did the pic for was real insistant about the wings. Thanks for the comment!

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very nice zel very clean i like the wings on her ankles. a very nice touch Tongue

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Pan's long lost daughter i supose.

Art at its best.