The Flight of Greentongue by pat-ann

The Flight of Greentongue

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Added: Apr 25, 2003
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My first & last acrylic painting!

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Guest's picture

no! not your last! you handle the medium so well!! he beautiful!

rita's picture

His expression is just priceless! Wonderful done!!!

pat-ann's picture

Ah Oil Paints! I love oil painting. Unfortunately there's someone in our household with Legionaires Disease, so it's out of the question. ~P~

grenogs's picture

hahahahaha, i love it, excelent.
I don't like acrylics either, they dry way to quick,ever tried using oils on watercolour board? its much easier to use.

joshuajmarsh's picture

Two words: Freakin' hilarious. I do, however, protest; you used your acrylics masterfully, and this shouldn't be your last acrylic painting.

pat-ann's picture

I did mention that this piece would be the last in acrylic. However, since it's received a positive response, I think I will work on another acrylic painting. Though, I don't know what yet! ~P~
BTW: Checked out your work. Very nice! Very nice indeed!

peloquin's picture

I just love this !!! The joy of freedom, there's nothing like that feeling.

Guest's picture

Don't give up on acrylics , i've fiddled with them for about ten years ,and have just learned to love them ! You seem to have great control over them Smile

Guest's picture

I love his face! His commical expression is very like my dog's when he escapes from the back yard. You did a wonderful job and I hope to see more.

Guest's picture

Never, I say never! ever, give alcohol to a dragon when he's chained up.

mya's picture

Top class - from the meaty whip of his tail , through the slender curves of his fingers and toes, to the comical characterful face, that's reminiscent of a dog in its cheerfulness - even the composition's good. Really terrific work Pat Ann!

Guest's picture

Aw - c'mon PAt Ann - you can't just do one acrylic - you did such a fantastic job! Epi should feature you as one of the artists of the month soon.

Guest's picture

You know, my roomate made that face when we went hiking down a mountain and she began to slide down the loose soil. Way to capture the jovial suprise of suddenly becoming aware that nothing is underneath you.

melora's picture

i like the subtle colouring you've achieved- very effective

elven-nell's picture

He's escaped! And he looks bloody happy to be free! Great detail and colours. 'Tis a shame it may be your last acrylic.

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