Planet of cats by peloquin

Planet of cats

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Added: Dec 19, 2002
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Scary? I hope not, Smile
Thankyou, very much!

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Whoah...! What can I say.. Thankyou for Your comment... Smile

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Thanks, Marley !
I'm going to "update" this picture, when I have time...also I'm planning to paint it using oil colours...I have a canvas for it, so anytime, soon.... Smile

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Thankyou, Vera !

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Thankyou, Meredith!
Cats have mysterious history, so I decided to add some "glow" around them... Smile

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There's this sequence of events where I pressed the random image button and whilst the image was loading I turned to see why one of my three cats had just yelped. Once I had turned, one hissed and then the one on my lap sneezed. So, I return to the screen to see what? - More cats!

Either this pic is broadcasting some mystical cat call or my animals thought it required some heavy duty sound effects. As it is, the image is very cool but I think a personal nightmare for me is the fear that one day my cats will take power and raid supermarkets armed with can openers.

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Thanks Tatjana !
I´m going to paint this one with oil colours someday...hopefully. Laughing out loud

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I like this one as well. (Sorry for posting twice on your other piece, didn't mean to.) Anyway the black and white cats seem to have a yin and yang effect especially the two on top of the door. As for the more superficial nature of this piece, the moon with the clouds is a nice touch and so are the stars. I love your work.

fauna's picture

Cats read only as silhouettes against the sky, yet they look so much alive! Great job!

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I like this piece very much,especially you just used to color but express the very details of the changing of light.

thrax-1's picture

awesome!!!, a very sureal scene,yea i love the glow of the cats aswell

vera-lucia's picture

Great pic! I love those glowing kitties!

kyrn's picture

this is beautiful! I love how the cats glow against the dark background.

Art at its best.