Nocturno by peloquin


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Added: Jan 04, 2003
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Maybe you know the Jostein Garder Books (Sophie's World... but i don'T quiete know the 'English title') They have very sensitive, sometimes a little surreal covers. Usually, the colors are very cold and a little hazy... nevertheless, yours reminds me a lot of it, b/c of the metaphoric composition + the lighthouse in the background.

I would like to settle down and strive away in thoughts like this...

Very interesting.

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Thankyou. I guess that's the function of bring up different thoughts and emotions...

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Hi, Tatyana!
Thankyou very much for Your comment!

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Hi marcela, and thanks !
You are right; I should put more details to my work, specially when surrealism is the "motor".
I visited Vladimir Kush´s website: whoa!!! That guy is one great painter.
Everybody, go check out Vlad´s art:
You won´t be disappointed.

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Thankyou for Your comment.
I do change comments with other illustrators and artists; just send e-mail to me.

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Thankyou, Patrick !
I have painted this picture with oil colours, but it isn´t good as the digital one.
Some people say that it has a haunting effect. Well...

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yay! surrealism! not to omuch surrealism on these pages...I love it. I think your images somehow need some more attention to detail just to wow the audience some more, but the ideas are there and they're good. I think you'd really like Vladimir Kush...he's so awesome, I love him! (

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Wow, this is a great. I've looked through all sorts of galleries and found some other good pieces, but nothing truly worth posting on. But yours, and this, is definitely worth it. As stated before it has a surreal sort of feeling that creates an opiate emotion. The colors in the wall look somewhat like sideways flames, which is a great touch especially in perfect contrast to the serene blue of the water through the window. The falling star was also a beautiful touch. I get the feeling this has a much deeper and more symbolic meaning. If it were a poem, it would be very cryptic with esoteric diction, which is great to see artwork. Something can be poetic with absolute no words, and someone who can acheive this has a lot of talent. The posts you got above were not superlative enough. I truly love this a lot. The way the chair "melts" into the rest of the window frame is a great effect. This isn't just dreamy, it's oneiric and profound. A marvelous job. I try some digital art myself, but nothing near as good as you. if you'd like to see it, or talk IM me on AIM: Ludus Naturae. Good job once more.

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Very interesting and dreamlike, and the bright red of the chair keeps it from being a calm dream. Quite surreal.

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i really like this and dont know why

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This is so sur/deco! Amazing colors! Love it.

Art at its best.