The Truth Quark (What's The Matter Alice?) by wolfvayne

The Truth Quark (What's The Matter Alice?)

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Added: Jun 12, 2004
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I thought I could save youFrom life long days - the love angels pinhead disruptingCold, numbing waters.As a frozen lake, bathing in lightWith no semblance of sunNearer the bottom.Which is where you are too often.While breaking bird bones,Wish for strength to kick downOne moulding, worming door.I could have saved me.This is, essentially, a piece dedicated to the late singer of Alice In Chains, aswell as being another of the six quarks :] Very personal stuff - the symbolism of the piece should be really embarrassingly obvious if you know anything about Alice!! Laughing out loud

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Thanks Marley!!! I'm glad it's recognisable as a play on overdose, with the syringes (that's how you spell it). Laughing out loud

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Thanks lots Laughing out loud The poem actually came after the piece though - I wrote it as soon as I was finished drawing :]

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That really is DEEP work. I wondered if it was an overdose or something similar, as i focused on those siringes/sp?. This has a spectacular composition too its like staring in to a miniature world. lovely liquidy form for the rocks!.Great work laura Smile.

mangalore's picture

great work. You've a very original style. An interesting mix of graphic elements and soft shading. It's great and perfect as poem illustration.

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lol - thanks!! Well, yup the singer died from an overdose...and oh gods, the story is so sad :[ There's a great fansite here:

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I KNOW YOU! ... or at least I know your art. I wanted to thank you for your comment on mine. ^_^ I have no idea who Alice in Chains is.... never heard their music. Know nothing of them. e_e; So symbolisism is completely lost on me. I really like the brass egg shape though ... there are these nifty little ... cracks. I can guess though that the singer must have died from injection though ... as most do. -_-'

Art at its best.