Gothic Beauty by bahn

Gothic Beauty

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 30, 2002
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After 2 nights of insomnia I finally fell asleep. I had the most vivid dream of my life and I knew I had to draw it.

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that is sssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo
cool. it is BEAUTIFUL

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Huuuu, that's so wonderful!! Very pretty dress... That's very elegant and romantic! I love it!

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Hey. Wink
How have you been ?
Miss you ..

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This is a beautiful piece! I'd love to see more of your art, but your website doesn't seem to work and the address you give is down. I'm bummed out, so the only place I can contact you is here! Please tell us where we can see more of your great art (if you still read this board)!

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This piece is great. The only thing i don't like is the short hair and that's not anything that you did wrong ^_^

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I like this dress..

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wow. thas very beautiful. it shows how talented u are too, hehe. yea...i love the dress. i hate dresses, but if i found that somewhere i would definitely wear it. very good job!

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The detail of the dress is beautiful, I love the details put into the corset! *sigh* I wish I could draw like this! Once again, beautiful work.

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Do you know a damn thing about sewing? Because this dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it SO much. Did you really see the dress in your dreams? Because, if so, I wish I could have your dreams so I could come up with stuff like this. It's just the coolest dress I have ever seen. And if you would ever allow me too, I think I'll try to make it some day. Again, you are SO brilliant. Very well done. And usually I don't like cartoonish type drawings, but this one is well done. Lot's of great detail. Maybe you should become one of those anime artists. I would certainly read the comics or watch the show. Again. I can't say enough of how wonderful this is.

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oo la la! the shading and the flow of the material is absolutly done to perfection. i know how hard it is to make it just right. and the lady is exquisite, please send regards for me to her Wink

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wow..i miss i had a dress like that..

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Gothic is always nice. Smile Beautiful picture.

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*giggles* i need to have that corset made, or i'll go nuts.

my hair has since grown... i miss my short, black hair. ): oh well. i like how both this piece and the faerie are going to print... i've said it before and i'll say it again: it makes me feel special! #^___^# (haven't used one of THOSE smillies in a while.)

oh, and i'm sure you know who this is. right?

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Wonderful dress, I really like the detail you put into it Smile

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Ha...I told you it was good enough^_^ ANy chance I can get a dress like that?

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beatifull line work richard. well done

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awsome work! the detail in the dresss is lovely!

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Very pretty, I love her dress. Very elegant.

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I browsed your art and I noticed a similar gothic style in your works as well. I have another drawing on the way, a fearie. Much less gothic but just as detailed, clothing wise.

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Wow! How beautiful. Those gloves are great. And i love the layering of black over white with red details. I'm a HUGE fan of gothic/romantic clothing. This is gorgeous!

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that's beautiful~ i like this pic

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