Belladonnic Haze by pageaxe

Belladonnic Haze

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 06, 2003
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Here is Belladonna,the lady of the rocks,the lady of situations.And here is the one eyed merchant,and this card which is blank,is something he carries on his back-which I am forbidden to see...(T.S.Elliot)The moral of this story is-dont eat Belladonna berries or you might see stuff like this.Oil on masonite 16x20

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pageaxe's picture

Thank you! Have not checked messages for awhile-sorry about that.Thanks again!

rie's picture

beautiful! breathtaking...

pageaxe's picture

Thanks alot Kay!

Guest's picture

Lovely face. The colors are fantastic too.

pageaxe's picture

Thanks Tom!I'm actually somewhat satisfied with this one.I agree,it is another step in the learning-re-learning process.Looking for some work from you!

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Thanks again Ihsan!Yes,I cleared out a bunch of crap.These newer ones have served a purpose,each one a study on something very specific in terms applying paint in different mixtures with linseed oil,cobalt drier and thinner.Time for the darkside!Thanks Ihsan-Oh yeah,the "model" is a friend.

portalrun's picture

Sean this is a beautiful portrait, I love the hair against the sky and soft skin tones, another step forward..great work...

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Hey Sean! How's it going! Looks like you've been real busy with a clear-out and some great new stuff! I like what you you've done here - it's a terrific portrait, she's very beautiful (a model?), those eyes are so crystal clear and lifelike, quite inredible! The composition is a beautiful one also - cool idea with the eye-plants! Great work Sean, keep it rockin'!

pageaxe's picture

Hi Vicki!Thanks for stopping by!

bernie's picture

Here's Looking at you!! Ha! Cool-I Like It!

pageaxe's picture

Thanks Nicole!My other half doesnt want it hanging in the house,so its just keeping an "eye" on things in the studio:)Thanks again!

nixjim13's picture

Her face is lovely, but those eye-plants are creepy! Definitely not something you'd want growing in your garden!

pageaxe's picture

Hey Erika!Thanks!I never really thought of it like that,but I think your quite right.

erikathorpe's picture

Well I think it has already been said, but I'll say it again, beautiful colors. The eyes are almost symbolic of Mother Nature always watching.

pageaxe's picture

Hey James!Nice to hear from you-thanks for the nice comment.The lights are on but she's definetely not home:)Looking for some new work from you James.

pageaxe's picture

Thanks Christine!You know,this is sitting in my studio and wherever you walk the eyes seem to follow you:o

pageaxe's picture

Thanks Bill!I chose to use very hard lines in the leaves and surrounding foliage so they would appear almost plastic and dissconected from the softness of the figure-Thanks again!

somerset's picture

Totally amazing colour work, Sean! the girl's face is excellent, She certainly looks a little spaced, and the eye guys are real creepy, love it!

chrissyk's picture

Wow gorgeous colors, her facial features are so perfect and I love the little eyeballs!

bcorbett67's picture

Lovely color choices Sean. Theres very much a dreamy quality to the whole thing! Her features are great, really well done Smile

Art at its best.