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Added: Aug 24, 2003
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100% Mindless freehand doodle with a wacom tablet,one layer-two pots of coffee.

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this one of the best iv'e seen the way the faces are bleended together is really trippy. the colors are perfect. very cool. have you tried energy drinks instead of coffe. they work too and last longer to me. i also think they taste better.

pageaxe's picture

Thanks May-Lin!I'll take espresso's anyday-Liquid rocketfuel!

djinn's picture

My...If this is what comes with two pots of coffe, I'd like to give you a few espressos. Smile

This is a very cool painting!

pageaxe's picture

Thanks!Actually I did quite a bit of "tat" work years ago and I'm sure your right,its probably living on someone right now:)

darkling's picture

This piece looks very akin to tattoo flash...would not be suprised if this ended up on someone's flesh. Very nice.

pageaxe's picture

Yeah well,we'll see how I'm doing 3 to 6 months from now,cause I don't have a clue what I'm doing right now:)Thanks Patrick I appretiate it!

megaflow's picture

That's a very powerful image, Sean, yet fun too. You're a natural with the digital.

pageaxe's picture

Damn!You mean thats not your supposed to do coffee?Crap,after all these years... Thanks man!

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is that the kind of coffee that you snort through your nose? hehe
cool pic, man

pageaxe's picture

Tom,Thanks buddy!I'm sure you've done this before,just kinda draw and not really know where its going,pretty cool to just zone out for an evening:)

portalrun's picture

Wow ! Look at all the detail here, great stuff Sean, must have been some good coffee...

bcorbett67's picture

Hi Sean, I've sent you a couple of emails but I don't know if you got them? One from my work address and the other from my hotmail address.. (please delete this comment once you've read it)

pageaxe's picture

Thanks Bill! Did you get my e-mails?

pageaxe's picture

Hey Bill thanks ! Hey,did you get any of my e-mails?

bcorbett67's picture

Make that four pots of coffee and two dozen 3d magic-eye pictures Wink That's a great image Sean!! I love it!! Great to see you enjoying yourself.

pageaxe's picture

Yeah,just flashbacks from my days as a teen in the late 70s :)As far as entertainment goes,this is way more fun than doing more serious stuff-because there are no mistakes!Thanks buddy!

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Well 99% Marley,I did pencil sketch the main skull and a couple of the flame things so I would have an idea where I was going.I used to do this kinda stuff in ink when I was a kid for people that wanted tattoo art but I have not done it in many years.I also learned a whole lot on control with a wacom tablet with this.Thanks Marley!

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Hey dude! This is crazy stuff (you're as bad as me with the coffee - man, are you sure it was just that!) - love the madness of it and the wild colours, those skulls are insane - I'm starting to see things in those convoluted, intertwining shapes!!

thrax-1's picture

wow,i think you should lay off the coffee Tongue..just kiddin.So this is one hundred percent digital??.Thats very nice work,Incredible detail and tonal work.Its very alive Smile

Art at its best.