The Natural by pageaxe

The Natural

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 22, 2003
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Photoshop7 and wacom.

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Of all your wonderful images on the thumbnails, this one kept catching my eye. I remember commenting on her before, and now, I must comment again. She's exquisite. Her skin tone and features are beautiful, her expression is illustrious...and her hair is such a magnificent flora! Oh, yes, I love that eye make-up! I'm so into that!

queenofchaos's picture

I love this piece Sean! Always been one of my favorites....such a beautiful face!

pageaxe's picture

Thanks GiGi!

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Another one of my favorites that you have done. I am watching you!!! I guess you can consider me your Art Groupie! LOL Beautiful piece. G

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she is very pretty and they way she is looking at you is very cool.

pageaxe's picture

Thank you very much Dawn!

snow-wolf's picture

Wonderful job on the skin tones... I know how hard it is to do it in either pencil or paint so WOW! So who modled for you? ^-^ j/k! This is one of your best so far!

pageaxe's picture

Hey J.P,thanks for stopping in!This one was a reference from some fashion mag,it was black and white and does'nt even look like it.But I used it for the lighting.As for taking my own,I've finally convinced my better half(who has a great figure:)to do some posing for me,but getting her to do those really odd sexy fantasy poses in a string bikini is slow going!I'm working on her though:)Thanks J.P,I really appretiate it!

vengince's picture

Very well done Sean, did you take the refrence shot yourself hows that working out for you?

pageaxe's picture

Thank you!

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i really like her expression, well done!!!

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Thanks Uwe,I really appretiate your comments!

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wow - great - i especially love the detail work on the leafes - very well done

pageaxe's picture

Hey Tom thanks for noticing buddy!

portalrun's picture

Great pic Sean , I agree with Marley, your getting much crisper with you details , nice job pal...

pageaxe's picture

Marley,that is one of the greatest comments you could give me and I appretiate it.Almost exactly one year ago I started doing art again after not doing any art for 8-9 years.Its been damn hard to get back any skills I once had and someone noticing the improvement in my work is just damned cool!Thanks matey!

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lovely tonality to her face sean.Your detailing has become real crisp over this year.Have a good christmas~Marley

pageaxe's picture

Thanks for the comment!Not Sasha Cohen either,sorry.My reference came from a fashion mag,it was a black and white and really doesn't look a whole lot like her either.The lighting is really what interested me in the reference.If its any consolation,my wife said it looked like Marie Osmond:)

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Thanks Dean!She does look somewhat like a young Carrie doesn't she.Not her though.The leaves were done from scratch with a wacom,I just made them up as I went.Unfortunately I had to paint them twice because I didn't use web safe colors and the resolution from the first attempt sucked.Oh well,live and learn:)Thanks Dean.

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This is a very beautiful piece of work. she looks like figure skater Sasha Cohen. I wonder what she thinks of this is she sees it.I bet she be amazed. very lovely. great job.

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What a beauty! She reminds me of Carrie Fisher in her starwars days. Those plants are so well done. Loks like they took a lot of patience to do.

pageaxe's picture

Thanks Bill I appretiate it my friend!

bcorbett67's picture

Excellent work Sean!! I just can't say enough about it. The whole thing is superb!

Art at its best.