He's gonna quit while he's a-head by pageaxe

He's gonna quit while he's a-head

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 04, 2004
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Barbarian bikini babe battles monsters.Originally an oil that I never was satisfied with and never had time to finish.Comepletely re-painted in photoshop7/wacom.Photo ref for pose, a very old muscle and fit mag.

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It's funny how many barbarian babes in bikinis paintings I have come across. So many artists paint them with perfect hair and perfect skin, yet they've just killed a handful of ferocious beasts single handedly. Here's a suggestion to paint: a barbarian chick who just knocked a beast's head off, but she's got splatters of blood, sweat running, hair a bit tosseled and wet. That would be awesome. No no, that wasn't ment as a criticism. This is still a great painting.

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Thanks James! A bit of "fluff" actually,but I'm working very hard on my photoshop skills.Thanks Matey!

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She's a knockout, Sean! leading by a head I'd say! LOL! like Bill, I love the boots!

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Yeah,ya gotta love those axe wielding bikini babes,pretty goofy but I kinda like this one.Thanks Bill!

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Hey Sean! Cool image!! Barbarian Bikini Babe(sigh). Great colours as always, and I really like the detail you've put on her boots - nice one mate!

Art at its best.