Lighter Dayz by pageaxe

Lighter Dayz

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 16, 2004
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Been moving for the past two months,still living out of boxes-hence why no new work from me in a while.Here is a lighter case I made out of cedar and did some art on.Colored pencil and a ballpoint pen...Smile

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pageaxe's picture

Thanks Steve!Yeah that dime was not easy...Smile

sferris's picture

Very nice job you did on the dime.

lmao cool lighter too! Wink


Guest's picture

Sean my friend, this is so neat, very beautiful work, I always love to see what new projects you have going. Your work is truley your gift. It speaks volumes. Nice job! I cant believe how small this is. GiGi

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Holy cow, now that’s a really great (small) piece Wink – great work on such a small scale – love the colours too! Cool idea and so good to see something new (even if it is a older one) from you… and oh yeah, moving is soooo much fun isn’t it? Wink especially things like that – “hey where are my shoes?” – “god, look in the box right under those two big boxes there in the left corner behind the six middle sized boxes, if not there, than go upstairs and see if they are in one of the 20 boxes in the bathroom” – hehe – sooo much fun Laughing out loud --- hope you are well my friend and don’t have too much stress…

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Thanks for the great comment Varian-much appreciated!

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Hey Tom great to see you! Thanks my man!

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This was done awile back Marley and think-massive hand cramps:p Thanks dude!

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Thanks my friend!

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Hey Bill! Yes I did this a while back but never got a good scan of it.Thanks Mate!

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Thanks James and yep,I'm almost settled in...

varian's picture

Wow, this is very impressive work. So much detail in such a small scale!

portalrun's picture

Great idea Sean, excellent details and her eyes...

thrax-1's picture

cheer that looks choice alright! nice colour work too!. Must have been fun to draw sean, when did you do this?, would have taken a wee while! Great work mate Laughing out loud!.

lorangel's picture

Great piece, original alright ! Hey my man I'm glad I caught you right on time. Rock on!

bcorbett67's picture

Good to see you back Sean! I'm sure I've seen this one before, but I gotta say it's really good work - talk to you soon Smile

somerset's picture

Damn fine work, Sean! your talent in fine artwork is so impressive, especially on such a small scale! hope you settle soon and I look forward to viewing more of your as always stunning work! keep well, my friend!

Art at its best.