Chasity by downing


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 25, 2003
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Pastels on sandpaper, an ad for stars. medevil

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harding's picture

Pastel on sandpaper...I've never heard of that before. Awesome in your face piece!

downing's picture

Thank you for your comment.

bibiku's picture

a lovely object!

downing's picture

Alistair,Thank you for favorible comment.I am a fan of your art! That makes the compliment all the more uplifting for me.Tanxs!

downing's picture

Thank you for your compliments Erica!
I really admire your work and your unique style.

erikathorpe's picture

This is very unique, wonderful color and composition!

jellybelly's picture

Interesting technique! and the colours are stunning..congradulations on such a fabulous and vivid piece. lets see more Smile

downing's picture

Ric your the one with true talent. I am
truly pleased that someone who's work I
so much enjoy, respect, admire,would honor me with such a comment,
Means so much.THANK YOU!

rquiroz's picture

Isaac - again a wonderful piece. I think you choice of colors on this piece are very interesting. I again agree with Anneke we would all like to see more of your talent. Good work!

downing's picture

Thank you once again for your comments
Anneke,Of course i am continually trying
to create more art for epilouge,But at the same time trying to develop my skills. I find that Epilouge challenges me,to be a more effictive, skilled artist
There are so many talented artist here,
such as yourself,it is a learning experience and i am proud to have any work posted here!

abroenink's picture

The colours are beautiful, they remind me of summer. A very special picture you have here, I admire your imagination.
Isaac, isn't it about time you show us some more pictures here? Smile

pageaxe's picture

i dont see anything simple here,the color is right in your face,and the message seems pretty clear,good work

Art at its best.