Threnody by neothera


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Added: Feb 08, 2004
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On a kronner made from a scale and the heartstrings of the last dragon that ever lived a song is played. A lamentation for a time when the sky was dotted with them and their fiery breath illuminated the night.

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He certainly has quite a grip on that bow XD I realize this isn't a traditional violin (great design! Laughing out loud) but I still think it'd be hard to bow with your fist closed around it like that Smile

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This picture touches me like few have.. YOu see I rpg, and for almost five years I rpg'd a couple, She a lovely dragon that fell in love with a human whom played the violen. She took her human shape and they had a love that only comes once in a lifetime.. They had several children and with all perfect stories, theirs ended tragically.. While Dartanian was gone, Thier castle was underseige and The tyrant told her as he killed her childern and her people that her soul was dead, at his hand. She was broken and the evil mage left her alive, now she carries Dartanians violen, lost in a world of sorrow..Thank you for letting me see Dartanian one last time..

Art at its best.