Sea Maiden 2 by somerset

Sea Maiden 2

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 30, 2003
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A slightly ominous mermaid, but then I wanted an eerie original feel (this 2nd version is an improved scan)

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somerset's picture

Maybe it's just me! but I feel that the old stories are the best, and I will be doing more, I will also attempt some stuff of a more original nature, I love fantasy cause there's just no limits to it! Thanks Eliza, and I must say I enjoyed your gallery very much!

elizah's picture

I really like the glow and almost ghost like feel to this piece. Wow you have a great feel for color pencil, it's almost looks like a painting. All your stuff has great feeling and you made some of the greatest fairytales/stories come alive. Keep up the beautiful work.

somerset's picture

Thanks Howard, great to be complimented by a talented guy like yourself!

Guest's picture

wow! very very nice! luminous! and very original

somerset's picture

Thank you Anne, as always your comments are precious and inspiring

Guest's picture

I meant to comment on this earlier - I really like this mermaid. I like the power of her body juxtaposed with the delicate treatment of the lines and the subtle coloring. Really, really nice!

somerset's picture

Cheers Ric! it's nice to be complimented by a mermaid guru like yourself!

rquiroz's picture

Wow! I didn't see this one last time I visited. This is a great piece. You have a great handle on colored pencils. I love the technique and the colors.

somerset's picture

Thanks Tom! I must admit it is not the first time my stuff has been mistaken for oils! but I assure you I don't use paint, I do quite a bit of rubbing to blend some colours and I suppose the texture does seem a bit paint like, but essentialy I'm a pencil man!

portalrun's picture

I would have thought this to be a painting...very classical look, really like the mood you have created here...

somerset's picture

Thank you Erika, what a lovely compliment!

erikathorpe's picture

Beautiful composition, somehow it has the quality of an ancient silk painting. Beautiful work!

somerset's picture

your comments are much appreciated, thank you

somerset's picture

Glad you like it May-Lin, thanks for the compliments

somerset's picture

Thanks for the compliments Sean, and if I ever meet a mermaid I'll ask the question (Haha! I think I got out of that one)

djinn's picture

Oh, I like this very much! This is the kind of picture I'd hang on my wall. The colour combination of the deep red fish and the almost etheral mermaid is beautiful and slightly disturbing.

pageaxe's picture

very nice atmosphere,almost looks like watercolor-good mermaids hold thier breath:)

Guest's picture

you acomplished an eerie feel. it very nice over all. The color tones are wonderful her fin origional and the background has just enough to keep the eye relaxed. very nice.

Art at its best.