Snow White by somerset

Snow White

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Added: Jan 30, 2003
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A fairy tale romance

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita, I,m glad you like this one, heh heh cause it features some of my family and friends as the dwarves!

rita's picture

James, I never saw more "realistic" dwarfs before! Just beautiful. And your daughter sure is a beauty! I like the light in there! Keep on my friend!

somerset's picture

Man, that would be something else, Uwe, to be able to illustrate a book! thank you for the (as always) lovely words!

j-art's picture

wow - i would love to see the whole book illustrated with such beautiful pictures - would be very different to most of the illustrations which are usual used for the story, and thausend times better than the cartoony ones i used to do for this story ;-)- congrats james this is really great!!!

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Antje! I know that this one is technically not my best, but it is very personal to me!

avel's picture

Simply wonderful. Great idea to base the dwarve´s faces on family members, that prevents that the picture gets kitschy. By the way, it´s great to see someone else doing fairy tale illustrations.

somerset's picture

Ha, Nicola! my wee cousin, thanks for dropping by, Jamie x

Guest's picture

This is by far my fav as obviously Snow White is the best fairytale.


somerset's picture

Many thanks, Maggie! yes, she is roughly based on my daughter, while the Dwarfs are based on my Dad, Nephew, Brother in law and his Dad, and a heavily disguised Me! I like to use real people in my work because it adds a bit of interest and inspiration for me! thank you once again!

Guest's picture

Wow Snow White is *gorgeous*! Is she based on someone in your family? If she is that person is a lucky woman:) Great job on light and shadow in this one!

somerset's picture

Yes, Shane! I think you are right, I could improve on this one, Snow White is one of my favourite stories also, and you have given me an excuse to do another!lol! thanks for the honest critic!

shanesemler's picture

I like the composition and I've always had a thing for Snow White. Laughing out loud

However, I don't know if there's some weird distortion going on from the photo but the lower half of her body does match the proportions of her from the waist up. Her butt looks wrong. The top part of her body looks still and the lower half looks in motion, it just doesn't work.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tatiana! you are so kind!

fauna's picture

Avery balanced composition and the colors are mazing! So much air!

somerset's picture

Thank you Iris, so Snow White was a blonde mmmm... that's got the little cogs in my head turning round! thanks again, I welcome your interesting input

iris's picture

Man I absolutely love Snow White. I used the story as my final project for the university of art for my final exame. You simply can't believe how deep that story goes, it isn't just a fairy tale. Believe me, those dwarves have a whole different meaning....
Enough about that. I love the way you drew these dwarves, so realistic. Hardly ever see faces like that and that little dwarf is soo cute. He really is hypnotised by the beauty of Snow White. Great job. OOh and by the way did you know that in an early version Snow White was actually a blonde girl..... just thought this would probably not intrest you...haha.

somerset's picture

Most of the Dwarves are based on family members, the young one is my nephew Billy

Guest's picture

This is great Smile. Brings a realistic feel to the fairy tale. Which dwarf is the childlike one to the left of the image?

Art at its best.