Beauty and the Beast by somerset

Beauty and the Beast

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Added: Jan 30, 2003
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A story as old as time, Beauty was inspired by songstress Linda Ronstadt, and the Beast well! if you ever see me on a bad hair day...

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somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Dear Guest Smile

Guest's picture

THis is very Beautifull in a way an dI eally like it!!!!!!!!!!!

somerset's picture

from an amazing details man such as yourself that is indeed a compliment, thank you, Glenn.

fagertveit's picture

Wow! Your great with them colored pencils, great blending and cool combination of classic and modern feel over your works!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Ali! Love your painting, looking forward to seeing more in your gallery!

mordicante's picture

I absolutely love your entire gallery, very very wonderous, But this image has to be one of my favorites. I love the womans expression to her Beast, and the almost dark and moody style of the entire art. =)

somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! I don't know if you recognise the model for this one, Linda Ronstadt, one of who's band members was Andrew Gold!

rita's picture

Hi Jamie, ha, what a great work - even I see your improvement in your later work! I like especially his sword - and the glass - not to forget the clothes! Ha, I also like her and him and the background and foreground LOL - guess you notice, that this is a wonderful painting!

somerset's picture

mmmm... I think you liked it, Jerry! thanks!

jerantino's picture
somerset's picture

Thanks, Matti! coming from a great Artist like yourself, this means a lot!

massikka's picture

holy christ ! damn nice work mate Smile
damn nice work with the lighting on this one too

somerset's picture

Yes, Kosala, but I used watercolour pencils, it does make a difference! thank you for your kind words

Guest's picture

You did this in colored pencil? Spectacular.

somerset's picture

Thank you Stefany! probably my most favourite tale!

s-lynn's picture

One of my favorite fairy tales. Very well depicted here. I can't get over on how much you put into your colored pencils! Truely beautiful indeed nonetheless.^^

somerset's picture

Hi, well the photo ref I used for Beauty wasn't very detailed, so I added quite a few of my own touches on her hair, skin tones and gown, in fact if you check out some Linda Ronstadt CD covers you might find this ref (sorry I can't remember the title) also I'd like to say that I don't usually get my refs in this way, It's just that I liked the image so much that I had to do it! thank you for the lovely compliments

Guest's picture

your beast is very nice... but your beauty is stunning. i'm assuming you used photo reference, correct? also, how much of beauty is done from reference? all of her? just her face? please tell me, because this piece is brilliant, good stuff

somerset's picture

Thank you, M! this is a great compliment, coming from a pencil Genius like yourself!

medge's picture

Beautiful work!!

somerset's picture

Thank you very much, Jinx! I did this one a while ago, I think it was completed within five days, by the by GREAT gallery you have!

jinx's picture

Truly breathtaking.
I love all of your fairy tale inspired pieces but this is my favorite. The fur looks so realistic, the texture on Beauty's dress is amazing, the lighting is flawless. Must have taken quite a while to complete.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Vicki! you are pretty fantastic yourself!

bernie's picture

Gosh I love this!! Wow your amazing!!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Cris! great to hear from such a talented guy!

crispalomino's picture

One of my favorite stories...nicely illustrated, James. Nice to see good colored pencils, too.

somerset's picture

Thanks, Yoseph! No I don't use 'FaberCastle' but I'll check them out, I prefer to use 'Caran D'Ache Supracolor' which is a watercolour pencil, if I can't get them I use 'Derwent watercolour', thanks again for your interest

somerset's picture

Thank you, Stan! I certainly do have more in the pipeline!

dareevan's picture

I envy you, What is the total color pencil did u used? 234 color pencils? Do you used 'FaberCastle'?

swisnie's picture

James, I enjoyed looking through your gallery. Fantastic pencil work. I like your 'storytelling' compositions. Looking forward to seeing more!

Art at its best.