Puss in boots2 by somerset

Puss in boots2

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Added: Jan 31, 2003
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A little indulgence here as the backdrop to this picture is "The Royal Mile" in Edinburgh Scotland, where I grew up(not older just taller as you can imagine)

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somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Dear Guest Smile

somerset's picture

Yeah, Michelle, and doesn't he just know it! thank you so much!

merrily's picture

i love puss in boots! he's such a handsome orange tabby cat.
with fancy boots.


somerset's picture

Thank you, Dear Guest! ever since I was a child I have been in awe of some of the incredible book illustrations of this character, I always knew that someday I'd have to attempt my own version of Puss, I'm so glad you like him, it sure makes the effort worthwhile!

Guest's picture

Very Lovely. The cat has all the right tectures, colors, hat, an boots. I also love the hat becuase the feathers on it look so REAL! It is so BEAUTIFUL!

somerset's picture

Thank you Ebony, you are very welcome! great to see you going from strength to strength!

Guest's picture

Hiya it's Ebony-chan I just want to say thanks for stopping by my gallery and leaving a comment. I love this piece I read the book years ago when I was young. You truely brought the character to life. =)

somerset's picture

Thanks Marisa! well, it was a real challenge getting the little guy into those boots!...he preffers tennis shoes on a sunny day!lol!

darksarcasm8's picture

Oh how cute! The boots are so realistic... awww!

somerset's picture

Thank you Leo! you are absolutely right, pencils can be time consuming, but I get a real buzz out of the challenge!

leowinstead's picture

Brilliant work, James. I have no patience for colored pencil, but seeing art like this makes me want to give it an honest try.

somerset's picture

Thanks Regan, I'm glad you liked the background as it is a marvellous City

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Thanks May-Lin, and yeah! the boots had to be comfortable as cats are very particular about what they wear on their feet (chuckle!)

djinn's picture

Lovely picture, I especially like the boots, they look real leathery and comfortable. Smile

regan's picture

I really love the color scheme in all your works, this one in particular, it just seems rich and ties in with the tabby cat's colors. I love the backdrop, too, especially the color of the sky and how it compliments the rust colors. Very nice!

somerset's picture

Hi Sean, yeah doing that Edinburgh background was an itch I just had to scratch

somerset's picture

Aye a'ken wit ye mean Marley, thanks for your kind input

pageaxe's picture

hey new stuff!great expression on the "puss",very nice backdrop.you have a unique look to an old subject-refreshing.

thrax-1's picture

it was meant to read"puss'n'boots aye?i remember that.<<<<

thrax-1's picture

puss'n'boots aye?i remember that lovely backdrop there,was always fond of that architecture.

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