George and the Dragon 2 by somerset

George and the Dragon 2

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Added: Jan 31, 2003
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"Dragons rage outside your door, but I'm on my way to save you"

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Rita! as always you are too kind!

rita's picture

James, it is so wonderful - again. I like his nervous look - so human Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Barbara! yeah, the croc refrence was a great help here, glad you like!

akeyla's picture

I'm speechless! I love the croc idea Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Antje! I like heros to be a little flawed, and I must say I enjoyed your gallery very much!

avel's picture

I would never have the patience to do a chain mail and you did a wonderful job on it! I also love his facial expression. It ´s not all heroic but very determined despite his fear. Great job, really!

somerset's picture

My second time submitting this one, Emily! I'm so glad that you like it! Thank you!

veinglory's picture


somerset's picture

Thanks, Audrey! love your stuff also!

aud's picture

wow, amazing details. I like the story.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jenny! lovely to hear from such a wonderful Artist!

goldseven's picture

The dragon looks great, truly evil and out of this world... and you made him look very watery. Your skills with coloured pencils are amazing! Thanks for commenting in my gallery, too Smile

somerset's picture

To be perfectly honest working with colour pencils can be a slow process, especially on a big scale like this one '33x24 inches', I just love the medium, Thank you, Yoseph

dareevan's picture

Sure, Man. This is outstandding. The Dragon, wow You really did the color wiht hand. I envy you.

somerset's picture

Cute! lol! yeah I've got to admit that ol'Draggy has that certain charm factor...usually around about mealtimes! thanks for the nice words Amelia!

Guest's picture

That is DAMN nice -I have to admit that. The dragon is gorgeous - so croc like! Very cute! And greatly painted!

somerset's picture

Thank you William, and thank you for the knowledge of "Sao Jorge"

borba's picture

You're a colored pencil's master! Bravo! St. George (Sao Jorge in Brazil) is my saint of devotion and I've drew many drawings picturing him when I was more younger. Your work is a inspiration for me! Very nice job!

somerset's picture

Thanks Denny! although there are many artists who's images I admire, I do not know of any(outside of the marvellous Epilogue people, browse the site! there are lots to see) who use colour pencil, I myself am self-taught and I usually prefer watercolour pencils, hence the water effect on G.a.t.d putting in all the dark colours first then going over the top with white pencil dipped in water, experimentation is the name of the game! can't wait to see what I know will be some great stuff from you!

isenho's picture

hello james! i love your color pencil work! i am JUST getting into color pencils and color and all that. heh, do you have any good fantasy color pencil artist that you reccomend? (besides yourself!) I especially like how you did the water and how well you handle the color pencils!!! great

somerset's picture

Thanks Eugene! it took me some time to decide which way to approach the Dragon, but it seems I chose the right one

neothera's picture

What an original dragon! I always love to see a piece done in an unconventional way. Fantastic.

somerset's picture

Ah! Patience, to recieve praise from an artist with your talent is an honor, thank you

patience's picture

Marvelous detail here. And I love the subtle gradations of color you achieved with the colored pencil --particularly in the dragon's face and in the water. Very nicely done!

somerset's picture

the red cross fringed with white represents the St George cross, and the blue...well I just like blue

Guest's picture

The colors looks like the Icelandic flag Tongue

somerset's picture

As always Sean it's nice to have your valued opinion ( you where spot on about the dragon, as I used an alligator as the basis) Thanks

pageaxe's picture

i really like the muted color scheme,really sets the mood and the dragon is very different,almost amphibious,great job,i like your work

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