William Wallace by somerset

William Wallace

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Added: Feb 02, 2003
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Although more legend than fantasy, I would suppose that the inspiration for most of our heroes is drawn from our own historical mythology (this statue of William Wallace stands in Aberdeen, Scotland)

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wolverat's picture

Fantastic drawing, James. I especilly like the way you rendered the sky and formed the details in the clothing. I was in Scotland several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is an awesome statue.

somerset's picture

Thanks Marley, you should see the actual statue, it is totally awesome!

thrax-1's picture

yea!i really rate the giant spider aswell(hehehe the same thing happened to me aswell,its taken me 4 months to figure out how this comment i supposedly posted ended up in mr shepards gallery) Owell.This character has great tones.i am especially drawn to the detail of his clothing,looks almost real ;D

somerset's picture

Ha!ha! Thanks for clearing my confusion, Yoseph! the original size of this one is '24 x 17 inches'

dareevan's picture

uh James, I think the last comment was a mistake. Smile I post it to another epilogue's members. That's why i didn;t like the epilogue comment system. Tongue

SO this is the real comment :
You have a good knowledge about perspective and human body. You make it all with just pencil color??? then i must envy you! eheheh. What is the original size is?

somerset's picture

Thank you Yoseph, you are most welcome....but giant spider??

Guest's picture

you are a great story teller. I like the detailed on the giant spider. This is my favorite.!

somerset's picture

Of course you can call me Jim! it is very interesting you being William and your father being Wallace,it makes your comments that much more appreciated, thank you

borba's picture

Superb and detailed work, Jim (can I call you "Jim"?)! I like very much working with colored pencils and you done it nicely. I know William Wallace's awesome story (since "Braveheart" all people in world knows) and by coincidence my father's first name is Wallace too. Nice job!

somerset's picture

Thank you Eugene, you are most kind

neothera's picture

The wrinkles on William's tunic have been rendered perfectly, and your shading is superb. What a great tribute to a great statue.

somerset's picture

Thank you Mary(Lovely Scottish name that!) I did'nt need much help here as the statue would have been hard to make seem less than awesome.

rhiamon's picture

I love the composition and perspective - very powerful.

somerset's picture

Thanks Denny, if you are ever in Scotland, go visit this site, you'll understand the need I felt to do this (also being Scottish myself could have had something to do with it)

isenho's picture

hey james! this is cool, i learned about this statue in HS! you have rendered it superbly! great shadows. wow i love this! hehe!!

Art at its best.