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James McPartlin

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Added: Mar 27, 2003
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Life is good!

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somerset's picture

Ha but of course "life's good" copyright Craig Norton, Prestonpans, Scotland! an enduring quote from an enduring man Smile

Guest's picture

You've stolen my saying!!!!! lol I'd recognise that coupon anywhere, how are you doing Jim?....Cheers Craig

somerset's picture

Ha ha Thank you, Shebear, but I'm always doing something that I shouldn't!....and you are so right! I'm quite gorgeous in real life.....oops my nose just grew another two inches Smile

Guest's picture

I like that comment, it looks like you have been caught doing something you shouldn't lol. Seen as I know your work very well and love it all, I think you are better in the flesh lol? great work and I am glad I found this website.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Elena, I'm so glad you like!

elenav's picture

Wow, your pencil work is so good, and you're very good with portraits too, it's so difficult to catch face expression without deforming the face itself!

somerset's picture

You are right, Karen I do look a bit like Errol.....in the dark! LOL! I used a photo for this one but heh heh I omitted a few wrinkles! thank you!

Guest's picture

Hi Jamie, Did you do this from picture or mirror. I think your like Errol Flynn in this one. I still remember you as an 8 year old....my time flies.

somerset's picture

Ha ha ha, Rita! now if I could get everyone to believe that! heh heh especially my bank manager!!

rita's picture

Hey James, thanks for this painting! What a nice, humerous, handsome, brilliant, delightful, lovely, colorful and gorgeous man - hum, painting Smile

somerset's picture

Thank you, Dani, heh heh the funniest face ha...you flatterer you! lol!

daniela's picture

every time I see this image I think: "if there would be an award for 'the funniest face' on Epilogue, he would win it!". thank you for commenting my Robert Smith portrait, because it's one of my most important pieces and it's an honour to be commented by a great artist as you! I checked your sister's gallery too, what a talented family! keep on sharing your art with us!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Share! it's a treat getting a comment from such a great pencil Artist!

lynx's picture

Heehee- wow, simply fantastic pencil work! I always enjoy seeing artist self-portraits. What a dashing and full-of-laughter Robin Hood! *thumbs up* And also, thanks for commenting in my gallery! Cheers.

somerset's picture

Ha ha! That Wife of yours is already married to a genius of an Artist! women are such fickle creatures! LOL! thank you for the lovely humour, you have made my day, Uwe!

j-art's picture

how to hell can you post such incredible pictures, my wife saw it, she wants to leave me now and marry this outstanding good looking guy shown at this picture - if i only knew who it is??????? Wink --- excellent work again

somerset's picture

God! I hope you aint somebody offical! the sanity questions are getting harder every year! lol! but with a little luck I'll avoid the happy bus with my usual resourceful charm and the occasional couple of quid in the poor box!lol!

Guest's picture

Dude, you're hot! LOL. You have this inapt sense of detail*YOU DREW TEETH!*, and you seem to have just a happy thing going on. Seriously-that's insanely good. I can't say anything else. It's amazing, yo.

somerset's picture

Thank you FF! you are right I am a positive kind of guy, and I'm always doing things I shouldn't! lol!

Guest's picture

Good. I like this. Your face is happy and very positive. It looks a bit scared too as if someone caught you doing something you shouldnt have been doing. Overall it was excellent. FF

somerset's picture

Aha! at last a woman with taste! lol!..now I hope those people who keep dragging me into the the monkey house are reading this! lol! Thanks, Vicki! you have made my day!

bernie's picture

James-I must say your very handsome!

somerset's picture

AHA! A damsel that can see there is a buckle in my swash! or is that swash in my buckle?...anyway, thanks for your kind comments, Erika!...now if only the neighbours would be a bit more tolerant about my green tights!

erikathorpe's picture

You look like Robin Hood. Excellent drawing!

somerset's picture

Humerous! funny!!!..I will have you know that I was striking my most handsome, debonair and sex in socks pose in this one! Ain't disillusionment a terrible thing! lol! thank you for your lovely comments, Kulbongkot!...now I'll go break all the mirrors in my house!

chutap's picture

woah, you look like a very humourous(funny?) person indeed, and thats a good thing yes..

somerset's picture

Thank you, Katarina! loved your gallery!

kabe's picture

INDEED life is good! It got even better when I spotted this pic. Now I have to check out the rest of your gallery!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Amarilli! Actually I prefer drawing rather than painting, I feel more in control of what the end result will be.

ama's picture

Hehe...funny image!
You are so good at DRAWING. Many are good at coloring but few are good at drawing. I think it's even more difficult.

Art at its best.