Humpty Dumpty by somerset

Humpty Dumpty

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Added: Apr 16, 2003
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Thanks to Epilogue Artist "Vicki Yeager" for suggesting this one!

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Guest's picture

Wow, James, this is staggering - I love those eyes! This is just fabulous coloured pencil work, you've managed an almost photo-realistic look here - I'm seriously impressed! The idea's a cool one too, quite funny Smile Keep up the great work, see you!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Johanna! I think your Artwork is pretty amazing! looking forward to seeing more!

Guest's picture

Her face is really beautiful and the colors too.I love the reflection in her eyes

somerset's picture

Thank's, M! I think it shows when you've enjoyed doing something, and I had great fun with this one!

medge's picture

Stunning pencil work!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tom! glad you enjoyed this one!

portalrun's picture

very nice James I think this is some of your best work you have posted here...

somerset's picture

Lovely to hear from such a Master May-Lin, thank you, and keep being marvellous!

djinn's picture

Don't drop him! Wonderful whimsical drawing. I love the build-up of skintones and the close-up composition.

somerset's picture

Aw! I should have known it was you, Anne! just as I was being blown away by your latest piece I recieve this! life just doesn't get any better, thank you so much!

Guest's picture

Hey James, that Epilogue guest on 4 -24 was me!!! I was on another computer when I posted! It's still a great piece!!!

somerset's picture

Thank you, dear guest! for the high compliments! you are most welcome!

somerset's picture

Thanks so much, Christine! I use many different colours of paper, mainly light grey, but for this one I used a navy blue which gave me some interesting tones coming through my finnished colour pencil work

somerset's picture

Many thanks, Nell! I do try to make these old stories a wee bit different!

griffingirl's picture

Oh, this is just precious! So charming..what color paper do you use?

Guest's picture

James!!!! Look what I miss when I don't get a chance to look at the new stuff! Really awesome work - you are a master!

elven-nell's picture

Argh! It's Humpty! Hahaha, this is lovely, James. I like your take on an old nursery rhyme.

somerset's picture

Thank you for your kind input, Denny! I don't use a tonal blender ( to be honest I'm not quite sure what that is!), it's purely a matter of cross-hatch shading a few layers very finely!

isenho's picture

wow! your work gets better and better! i love the smooth tonal shading and that eye is really good! Do you use a colorless blender? Good job!

somerset's picture

Glad you liked the perspective of this one, Harmony! I wanted it to be a sort of "in your face" close up effect! thanks for dropping by!

Guest's picture

Hehe, this is great James Smile! I love the closeup shot and the interesting perspective. Humpty Dumpty is adorable. Lovely use of muted colors too. This is definatley one of my favourites of yours.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Darla! your comments are a mirror of how I regard your lovely work!

lorelei's picture

James this is so wonderfully playful. ^^
What a clever piece, and so well executed. You always do such inventive and lovely work.

somerset's picture

Thank you, Anita! might be a week or so, as my next one is another bigy! being a details person yourself, you'll know what I mean!

lunarpixie's picture

Incredible James! I just love it. It looks like she just might save old Humpty from his "great fall" Please keep them coming. I can't wait for the next one.

somerset's picture

Many thanks, Erika! yeah! Easter, I kinda realised this after I posted this the coincidence!

erikathorpe's picture

Awesome! Amazing realism on the eyes....and what an adorable little egg, just in time for Easter.

somerset's picture

You are quite right, Sean! free inspiration sure saves brain power! lol! as always your words are much appreciated! thanks!

somerset's picture

Naw! it's ok James, she's a total vegan, and he'd be quite happy to visit as long as he could go by sea, as any sudden air pressure on a plane might cause problems! lol! thanks for your excellent comments!

pageaxe's picture

You know,I hope she's not thinking what her eyes seem to be saying-I mean she's not going to-eat him-is she?Laughing out loud Great work James,her features are very well done and humpty is a crack-up(exuse the pun,could not resist)I hope I did'nt curse you when I requested Little Red Riding Hood,but hey,look at all the free inspiration.Great illustration James!

Art at its best.