Humpty Dumpty by somerset

Humpty Dumpty

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 16, 2003
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Thanks to Epilogue Artist "Vicki Yeager" for suggesting this one!

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naddy's picture

James, you're a genious! Hump is priceless & the idea of him being the size of a real egg is awesome! I'm not sure if this lady is just flirting with him or she's thinking about having him as a snack. He's too damn cute! I've been painting Humpty for years but this by far the best Humpty Dumpty I've ever seen. Can you ship him over seas to me so he can sit on my desk while I paint? I can build a little wall for him if he'd like.

somerset's picture

Aha! Vicki, my inspiration! the important thing to me is the fact that you like it, thanks so much!

somerset's picture

Thanks, Bill! yeah, I think I'm constantly trying to improve on what went before, but the enjoyment of it all is really the main push for me!

bernie's picture

Haaaaa! James-I love it! I knew you could come up with something unique! This is funny!{Glad to have inspired this piece!}Keep up the great work!

bcorbett67's picture

Blimey James, you just keep em coming!! It amazes me how you maintain a constant stream of work with such tight rendering. I must say that I think that your work just gets better and better Smile I really like the underlying blue in the flesh tones and the details in the irises in this one. The expression on humpty's face is great.

somerset's picture

Thank you so much, Socar! yes, you are quite right, I use light coloured catridge paper, it's a bit hard and time consuming to work on at times, but sometimes the effort is worth it! much glad you like! thanks again!

socar's picture

Aw, how cute! Very nicely rendered, as well! I've got a question--did you do that on tinted paper? I notice a lot of your art has a tint to it, which looks like the paper coming through. (Don't worry, that's not a criticism--I love the effect!)

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