Peter Pan by somerset

Peter Pan

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Added: Jun 10, 2003
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"He was accompanied by a strange light, no bigger than your fist, which darted about the room like a living thing;"

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somerset's picture

Thank you, Dear Guest, glad you like so much Smile

Guest's picture

i really love this picture, it reminds me of one of my friends who reminds me of peter pan... nice work

somerset's picture

Good question, ah well you see, Dear Guest, a lot of my inspirations stem from my childhood, and I guess I have always wanted to illustrate my own versions of those great stories and pictures, as with the Arthurian legends and ancient mythology which also fire my imagination! thank you for viewing!

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Just wondering, your art seems to be all for children books?

somerset's picture

Would you believe that my young nephew who modelled for Peter, really does look like this!! Thanks, Uwe!

j-art's picture

this is for sure the best peter pan ever - again i am totally in awe with your technique - wow wow wow

somerset's picture

Thank you, Jenny! I wanted to get nearer J.M. Barrie's original, I'd like to think Walt would have approved!

goldseven's picture

Wow, and again you amaze me with such a lifelike face! I've never been able to imagine Peter Pan as anything other than the (undeniably cute) Disney version, but yours looks like the Disney Peter made flesh and blood. Wonderful!

somerset's picture

Thanks Erika! it's always encouraging to hear that I'm improving as time goes on!

erikathorpe's picture

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! You're work just gets better and better, the detail and shading is amazing.

somerset's picture

To be honest, Kay! I think it's more to do with Peter Pan than me! I mean if I'd titled it "boy with a faerie" d'you think it would have had the same impact? LOL!

somerset's picture

Y'know, Kay! I kinda got the feeling you where a bit low, from what you said on your last posting, I know that life can throw all kinds of crap at you sometimes, but believe me all you have to do is look at the amazing Artwork that you do to realise what a unique and talented person you are! so cheer up! it won't rain all the time!

chutap's picture

judging from the amount of comments(endless) you have, you must be one popular man!

chutap's picture

thank you James! you always make me smile with your lighthearted/humourous art and your lighthearted/humourous self!

well, i guess im in a period where my selfconfidnece is so low to the point that its almost nonexistent

the little guy looks like Puck! i love his look, its so sneaky and mischievous. and the little sparkle in his eyes brings him to life as well.!

somerset's picture

Hi Stefany! Yes this is Young nephew! And I think that your Artwork is so Amazing, thank you!

s-lynn's picture

Adorable! Did you have someone model for you? In any way it's still very good! My colored pencil doesn't come out half as good as this.....perhaps I need to practice more. Very well done!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Sergey, I think the Art that you do is pretty amazing!

sh-serg's picture

Very good outlines!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Emily! glad you liked it!

veinglory's picture

this did come out very well -- great attention to detail on the drapery.

somerset's picture

Hi, Marisa! yeah the contrast between the palm and the arm is a bit distracting (might have to do something about that) the see through material look is quite simple really, it's just your background colour (in this case blue) and white, strategicaly placed where the folds of the cloth are, I'm still playing about with the technique, cause I think it can be improved. Thank you for the lovely comments!

darksarcasm8's picture

This is so great, James! His facial features are so incredibly perfect!!! For real, I am just speechless! I especially love the eye/eyebrow area... you know exactly what hes thinking;) Another favourite of mine is the white see-through cloth.... how do you do that?! The only bit that slightly bothers me is (his) left arm. Im thinking the palm is a bit too shaded, and the lower arm is not quite shaded enough... as it is it looks somewhat flat. But then you look back at that awesome face and everything is great again=) Really fantastic work, James=)

somerset's picture

Always a pleasure hearing from you, Tom! I'ts great to know that you can see improvement in my work, cause I spent a lot of years not keeping up with the art!

portalrun's picture

Great work James , you seem to be getting sharper with every new addition to your gallery, your progress is very obvious, looking forward to your next one...also outstanding work on the expression!!!

somerset's picture

Thank you, Tiffany! yes, I think the J.M.Barrie story does have an enduring appeal

somerset's picture

I've just spotted your gallery,Liptak! and I see that you are pretty good in the pencil department hope to have a better view later...oh, and thank you!

smbcabjnp's picture

I love this picture so much. Peter Pan is one of my alltime favorite stories, and you really captured it. In fact, it's the only book that I actually highlighted quotes from. Such beautiful words... Great image James!

mermalior's picture

Your colored pencil technique is great! Grats!

somerset's picture

Hi, Harmony! You might have a point there about his hand! (I can feel a picture update comming on) thanks for the nice words!

Guest's picture

Brilliant James Smile!! The look on his face is perfect.. mischevious, adventurous, naughty Peter Pan Smile. Your rendering of textures in this piece is very impressive, and his skin is beautifully colored. The only single thing that bothers me about this piece are the dark shadows on the edge of his hand, when I first saw his hand I thought it was burn't, but that's just my perspective Smile. Great, great work, I look forward to your next image Smile!

Art at its best.