The Meloncholy Clown by somerset

The Meloncholy Clown

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 14, 2003
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I really don't know why I did this one, I guess I was in one of those meloncholy moods.......Yeah, right! Woo Woo!!

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Thank you, dear Guest, great observation!

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I noticed that your meloncholy clown was looking at his own reflection. To me this means that he can only see himself as a clown, and the fact that there is nobody else there to tell him otherwise (in fact, there is nobody else period, save a bee, which, needless to say, is not very g

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Funny thing is this is my sister's favourite to, but then maybe that's because her son was the model, Thank you, Dani!

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melancholy clowns are the best! this is my favourite image above all Epilogue!

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Ha! Regan, maybe the fact that I took this picture of the drawing with a poloroid camera could have had something to do with it! lol! plus it was done on a yellowish catridge paper wich may also have added to the slightly archived look. thank you for your most interesting input!

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This piece looks like it could have been found in a treasured storybook from the golden era of illustration... It just seems so rich and historical somehow... must figure out how ya did that... hmmmm.... very nice, too!

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Yeah! sure, Kay, I'm a 40 something medalion man....NOT! LOL! thanks for the kind words!

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awwwwwwww!!! he's sooo cute!! and hey James you sound like those guys who'd like partying a lot lol, i don't know for some reason Tongue

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Oh, I say! Judson Huss! that is one amazing compliment, Matthew! and coming from an Artist of your calibre, just puts the icing on the cake, thanks my man!

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Poor kid. We've all been there, right? Or somewhere near there anyway. Very beautifully rendered- especially in colored pencil. It reminds me a lot of Judson Huss. If your not familiar with him- check him out! Very cool surreal stuff. Great work man- keep it up!

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Hi, Bill! the reason I've not been around lately is my computer crashed and it had to spend some time in cyber hospital! Lol! this picture was done in between stuff I'm working on, at the time I was having a bit of a creative block, I caught my sister's young son reading 'Harry Potter' (those books don't half keep the kids still, folks!) and this was the result! thanks Bill.

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Hi James, Nice to see you posting new work Smile I must say this seems a little different to your previous pictures - I really like the expression on the boys face, as if caught in a daydream.

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Ha! yep, Marisa, colour paper (ain't I a lazy so and so!) and you don't know how right you are about 'Clowny Mom', take a look at epilogue Artist 'Cathie Brock' cause that is this little fella's REAL mom! No joke!

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Oh, yay! A new upload! Aww... he looks as if he just lost a big baseball game or something.. and his clowny mom tried to cheer him up by smacking on a smiley face cap on his little head. So adorable! Is this a new colour paper.. or did you just decide your orange yellows and reds needed some attention? Great work (as usual)!

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